Peter Gammons: In the year of the improbable, will the impossible happen?

Peter Gammons: In the year of the improbable, will the impossible happen?

It has been a post-season whose crescendo built up to a Travis Ishikawa moment, two weeks of game-winning wild throws and 18 inning games that went bump… [read more]

Lou Reed

Music for the Wild Card World Series

The National League champion San Francisco Giants will face the American League champion Kansas City Royals in an all wild-card World Series that begins Tuesday night in Kansas City. In 2002, San Francisco lost in seven games to the Anaheim Angels in an all Wild Card World Series. Like the … [Read More...]

Even tying the record with four saves in the ALCS,  Greg Holland is no Dennis Eckersley. And, Cal Ripken is certainly no Eck in the broadcast booth.

The Yostseason continues as the Royals head to the Series

With Kansas City manager Ned Yost becoming the first skipper in history to start his postseason career with eight consecutive victories, and everybody writing so much about the LCS, I didn't want to feel left out. Congrats to the Royals and their fans The Royals are riding an 11-game postseason … [Read More...]

Ron Washington

A Season of Grief

Patrick Despain is freelance sports writer appearing on and recently on Check out his personal blog and follow him on Twitter @PatrickDespain. Baseball is life. We have probably heard that slogan somewhere or eyed it on a t-shirt at some point and while that is not … [Read More...]

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Coffee and Clippings: Matt Silverman says Rays intend to keep Joe Maddon

Marc Topkin (@TBTimes_Rays) of the Tampa Bay Times writes that new Rays baseball president Matt Silverman plans to keep Joe Maddon as the team's manager... Until and if the Rays sign manager Joe Maddon to another multiseason extension, there will be speculation that he eventually will join departed … [Read More...]

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Peter Gammons: Three questions as the Royals advance to the World Series

The countdown to the trading deadline began on the Ides of June, and here we are, four months later, waiting to see what difference all the mystics and statistics really made. On the first day that a team could be elevated to the World Series, the starting pitchers were Miguel Gonzalez, to block, … [Read More...]

Royals building bridge back to success

Coffee and Clippings: Royals one win away from World Series berth after 2-1 victory over Orioles

Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) of the Kansas City Star talks about the Royals being one win away from the World Series after beating the Orioles 2-1 in Game 3 of the ALCS... By now, the Royals have grown used to these results. They have yet to lose in the playoffs. In order to derail the Kansas … [Read More...]