Alarming Attendance for Contenders


Average attendance for the last 10 home dates of the Rays, Indians, A’s in 2013 as all three play for October:

Tampa Bay              Cleveland                Oakland

16, 355                       18,253                        23,312

“There is little question that two of the situations are solvable,” says one baseball official. “Give the Rays and A’s ballparks, and they instantly become viable revenue-generating franchises, especially the A’s. But I’m not certain the Indians situation is solvable.”

For those who go back to the 1990s, when The Jake sold out every game, remember these two vital realities: 1. There was no NFL competition then, and 2. The demographics of the city 20 years ago were vastly different. The official simply isn’t certain the city can maintain an NFL and MLB franchise at the same time, and Cleveland clearly is a football city.


  1. The NFL was in Cleveland in 1994 and 1995. It came back in 1999 and the Indians sold out 1999 and 2000. Ownership lost the trust of the fans by trading reigning Cy Young winners in back to back seasons and giving up on the 2010 season in July of 2009 by trading Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee. Both players were under contract for 2010 at club friendly salaries.