Aroldis Chapman is on his own level


A few weeks back I went on about Aroldis Chapman‘s consecutive appearances with a strikeout. He would finish with 49 straight games with a strikeout, 10 more than the previous record held by Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter.

That streak has ended but the dominance of Chapman’s fastball remains. Coming into play on Thursday, Aroldis has recorded 47 innings pitched and 92 strikeouts to go along with it. So simply put, when Chapman goes out for the 9th inning, he will strikeout 2 of the upcoming batters on average.

The following are pitching statistics that Chapman currently ranks first in. Qualifying pitchers have at least 30 innings of pitching. Second in each category is in parenthesis.

K/9: 17.62 (Andrew Miller 14.45)

K%: 52.0 (Brad Boxberger 42.2%)

% of balls in play: 16 (Craig Kimbrel 23.4%)

Batting average against: .131 (Wade Davis .140)

Missed Swing %: 45.7 (Brett Cecil 38.6%)

Swinging Strike %: 21.6 (Koji Uehara 19.6%)

Velocity Average: 96.6 MPH (Jake McGee 95.6)

Maximum Velocity: 103.8 MPH (Kelvin Herrera 101.4)

Velocity Index:

velocity index