Examining Andrew McCutchen’s Approach Issues

The last month has not been particularly kind to the Pirates’ postseason conquest, and the same can be accurately said of the man patrolling center field for the Buccos on a nightly basis: Andrew McCutchen. The 29-year-old perennial NL MVP candidate has been marred in an extended slump as his club enters the latter half […]

Why Aren’t Teams Shifting Daniel Murphy?

Daniel Murphy is one of the best hitters in baseball this season. You know it. I know it. Murphy knows it. The Nationals, who signed him to what now looks like a historic bargain of a three-year, $37.5 million contact this winter, certainly know it. If you somehow don’t know it, though, allow me to give a quick […]

Cutting to the Chase on David Price’s Slow(ish) Start

David Price might be just seven starts into his record-breaking, bank-account-stuffing $217 million contract with the Red Sox, but already we’re starting to hear grumbles out east that the 30-year-old southpaw might not have been worth the dough. Now, to a certain extent, such criticisms appear to lack concrete evidence. Aside from the whole small-sample-size thing, Price entered this week […]

The Rays Rotation has a New Philosophy

Organizationally, the Rays always seem to have a knack for doing things a bit differently. Some of it might boil down to necessity, given Tampa’s small market size and comparably small payroll to the rest of the league, but there’s something admirable about how the Rays — perhaps largely due to Joe Maddon — constantly appear […]

The Mechanics of Jean Segura’s Monster Start

At some point, we’re going to have to acknowledge what Jean Segura is doing. I realize now might not be the most appropriate time, since we’re less than a week into the season, and 98% of the year is still in front of us. BUT, he’s the current major-league leader in wins above replacement (0.5) heading into the […]

Analyzing the Early Stolen Base Drought

The 2016 season is all of four days old, which means everything we’ve witnessed up to this point can mostly be chalked up to noise and random variance. Small samples, after all, can be pretty misleading, and all we have to work with right now is a collective total of 2,864 plate appearances through Wednesday’s […]

Previewing 2016’s Best Fastballs with Saber-Scout Pitch f/x

Around this time last season, I wrote about the most untouchable pitches in baseball throughout 2014. I don’t usually like to toot my own horn around these parts, but I will today, because I had a dandy of a time writing it, and I feel like it’s one of the best pieces of work I’ve […]

Gregory Polanco and the Symptoms of an Inevitable Breakout

It’s fairly well understood, at this point, that nothing in baseball is guaranteed. It’s also fairly well understood that nothing in life is guaranteed (well, other than death, taxes, etc…). Still, that doesn’t mean some things don’t feel inevitable, for better or worse. I can’t guarantee Donald Trump will win the Republican presidential nomination come July — […]

Understanding, Appreciating Dallas Keuchel’s Defensive Prowess

For the next five seconds, I want you to close your eyes and think about Dallas Keuchel. Seriously. I mean, really think. Now, what things, specifically, came to mind? Physically, perhaps you envisioned the one thing that makes him most recognizable amongst his peers: The Beard! If not his physical attributes, then perhaps you envisioned some of his esteemed […]

Adam Eaton: Bucking the Short-Dude Power Conundrum

It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot recently: Are we ready to live in a world where Adam Eaton hits dingers? Everything we’ve known to be true about Eaton says that, while he certainly has a bevy of skills at his disposal, like hitting for average or stealing bases or manning a respectable center field, he shouldn’t hit for […]