Adam Eaton: Bucking the Short-Dude Power Conundrum

It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot recently: Are we ready to live in a world where Adam Eaton hits dingers? Everything we’ve known to be true about Eaton says that, while he certainly has a bevy of skills at his disposal, like hitting for average or stealing bases or manning a respectable center field, he shouldn’t hit for […]

The Many Present (and Future) Skills of Zach Davies

In the five-or-some-odd months that have passed since David Stearns first updated his LinkedIn resume title to ‘General Manager, Milwaukee Brewers’, he and the organization have made one thing abundantly clear: They’re investing for the future. Nowhere was this reality more evident than this past Saturday night, when Milwaukee shipped shortstop Jean Segura and right-handed pitching prospect Tyler Wagner to the […]

Xander Bogaerts, Defensive Shifts, and the State of the Pulled Ball

Here’s something you probably already knew: Xander Bogaerts is pretty good at this baseball thing. He’s good at it on a number of levels, both offensively and defensively, and that’s been the case for quite some time now. Of course, from a statistical vantage point, Bogaerts only very recently — last year, in fact — became pretty good […]

Collin McHugh and the Value of Fastball Elevation

Collin McHugh, by the standards he set in 2014, did not have a particularly good campaign in 2015. Though he eclipsed the 200-inning plateau for the first time in his career and came but one winning decision shy of becoming just the second 20-game winner in the last decade of Astros baseball, his baseline and peripheral statistics […]

Examining Ian Desmond’s Fading Power, Free-Agency Demand

One word to describe how the market for top free-agent hitters has developed this winter? There’s plenty of appropriate adjectives, but let’s try this on for size: S-L-O-W. While the prized jewel of this year’s class — Jason Heyward, signed by the Cubs — got plucked a month ago and another gem — Alex Gordon, who re-upped with the Royals […]

The Key(s) to Unlocking Andrelton Simmons’s Power in L.A.

On Thursday, while some of us were looking for excuses to watch televised baseball, the first major roster shakeup of the off-season emerged when the Angles acquired Andrelton Simmons from the Braves in exchange for Erick Aybar and a duo of touted prospect arms in Sean Newcomb and Chris Ellis. The move did not come as a complete shock, as the Braves are looking to […]

Let’s Talk About Paul Goldschmidt

I want to talk a little bit about Paul Goldschmidt. You probably don’t want to talk about Paul Goldschmidt, and your friends and relatives probably don’t walk to talk about him over a beer or dinner or Republican presidential debate. If that turns out to be the case, I won’t blame you. There are more newsworthy things to talk […]

Acknowledging the Royals’ Extraordinary Late-Game Postseason Production

If someone in your peer group attempts to justify that this year’s World Series doesn’t (and/or won’t) feature a flurry of intriguing story-lines, nail-biting matchups or thought-provoking Harold Reynolds quotes from beginning to end, don’t listen. That person is factually wrong. The Royals and Mets arrived at this point through distinct avenues; avenues, it just so happens, […]

Late Movement Key to Ventura’s Efforts Against Blue Jays

At 24 years young, and with less than three years of service time under his belt, Yordano Ventura is far from what most would consider a matured major-league starter. But in some ways he already is. Last October, as you might recall, he was one of the key reasons the Royals faced a late uphill battle against […]

Edinson Volquez, Sinker Command, and the Key to Kansas City’s World Series Berth

Later this afternoon at Rogers Center, the Royals will receive an opportunity to advance to their second consecutive World Series appearance with a victory over the Blue Jays. There’s really no limit to the amount of words one could write on that potential subject given recent history — Kansas City was pushed to the brink of […]