Newberg: MVB

derek holland rangers

On July 28, the Yankees embarrassed Texas in Arlington, 21-5 — after which the Rangers reeled off seven of eight. On August 12, Minnesota punished them, 11-1 — and Texas responded by winning five straight and nine of 11. On August 26, Toronto hammered Texas, 12-4 — and since then the Rangers have won four times without losing. […]

Newberg: The comfort of powerlessness

Newberg Gallardo 8.28

We sat down last night to watch a couple old episodes of “Inside the Actors Studio,” the first one featuring Sting and then another starring Anthony Hopkins, the latter of whom said something toward the end of his hour that, naturally, made me think about baseball. “Today is the tomorrow I was so worried about yesterday.” Thursday, […]

Newberg: Strong

jon daniels q&a newberg

It was awesome. From mid-afternoon until 9:56 pm, it was awesome. More than 100 of us gathered in a room for a few hours, and we heard Scott and Mike hold forth for an hour and we heard JD answer a thousand questions for nearly an hour and a half and, in between, we watched this incredible […]

Newberg: Cool

newberg juan gonzalez

I opened the back door with a cup of coffee this morning before the sun had snuck over the trees, and it felt like fall. And when it feels like fall after a lot of months of not feeling like fall, I think not about 3:00 kickoffs like the Pavlovian feels I grew up with, but instead about […]

Newberg: History

cole hamels rangers

Home teams went 15-0 for the first time in the history of Major League Baseball yesterday, which is a pretty cool thing to think about until you land back on the part that Texas was one of those road teams, and shouldn’t have lost. Bullpen losses are always tough to take.  Gotta wash that one […]

Newberg: Home cooking

Diekman rangers

The compound featured an element of embarrassment and one of catalysis, or maybe it was just baseball cycle at work, and not the Adrian Beltre variety. On Tuesday the Rangers were battered at home (21-5, Yankees). On Wednesday, the front office delivered Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman. Since then, Texas has played eight games and won seven, all […]

Newberg: Cole fusion

cole hamels phillies rangers

They didn’t even have to play the X. If it weren’t for that shiny no-trade clause that allowed Cole Hamels to have the final say in the case of 20 other teams, there would have been 29 of them interested in trading for the lefthander, especially with the Phillies willing to help pay for him […]

Newberg: YOLO

yovani gallardo texas rangers

I stretched out, motionless, in the pool, having given up on Dallas Keuchel and Will Little’s masterpiece two runs shy of its final, and as I settled in towards the second nap of the day, I thought. I thought about advancing the ball in a couple of the cases I’m handling, and advancing the ball with our select baseball […]

Trading season: What’s the pitch?

yovani gallardo rangers

Just 25 days ago, the Rangers were half a game out of a Wild Card spot, having won games started by Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale, with Adrian Beltre nearing activation, and Josh Hamilton and Delino DeShields and Matt Harrison and Martin Perez not far behind. Since then: A 5-15 record, a 5.5-game deficit in […]

Newberg: Five years ago today

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees, Game 3

It was five years ago today. Talks between the Mariners and Yankees hit a snag, with Seattle making some sort of reference to the medicals on AA second baseman David Adams’s ankle that DeAndre Jordan would have approved of, and Texas swooped in and made Justin Smoak available once and for all, shipping the first baseman […]