Newberg: A moment that took me back 22 years.

Around here the 1994 season is remembered for a few things. A new Ballpark, and color scheme. Kenny’s perfect game. And a first-place finish in the West (never mind that Texas was 10 games under .500) that produced a footnote rather than a franchise-first playoff berth, as the season effectively ended on August 12, when […]

Newberg: Like it’s 1999.

Dig if U will the picture. Think back 17 years, if your baseball experience allows it. It was 1999, and the Texas Rangers, in what was then the most optimistic stretch in franchise history, were once again sent into a circle around the drain by the frustratingly insurmountable New York Yankees. Back in 1996, Texas had beaten […]

Newberg: Bookends and other things that look alike.

  Last year, on this date, the Houston Astros were in the thick of a majestic run of baseball, one that saw them win 14 of 15, the lone setback a one-run loss to Seattle. When that 15-game domination ended on May 3, they were 18-7 overall. It was the best record in the American […]

Newberg: A glimpse of invincible.

Really excellent win last night, with the Rangers offense piling six of their 10 hits up in one inning, picking up their ace after he’d done so for them so many times, Rougie Odor having a day at the plate and in the field, all kinds of outstanding infield defense, and four right-handed relievers shutting […]

Jamey Newberg: Liftoff.

This all happened in the space of about 23 hours, beginning late Saturday afternoon in Des Moines, Iowa. Round Rock right fielder Nomar Mazara singled to center in the top of the first inning. Mazara singled to right in the top of the third inning. Mazara homered in the top of the fifth inning. He didn’t appear in the […]

Jamey Newberg: Holaday plans.

Stephen Strasburg gave up five home runs in his three seasons at San Diego State. He’s allowed two homers this spring for the Nationals. [Editor’s note: Please don’t assume you’ve subscribed to the wrong report.  At least not yet.] In 2009, Strasburg’s junior year at SDSU, he was taken deep four times in 109 dominant […]

Newberg: Patients, patience, and the road.

I’d planned two and half weeks ago to write about Jurickson Profar, because nobody else had. At that point, there’d been more words written locally and nationally this spring on Matt Bush — who was once a number one but not that kind of number one — than Profar. But then Ian Desmond signed, and […]

Jamey Newberg: Leap Day.

It’s sort of a bizarre deal for the team and for the player, one that surfaced out of pretty much nowhere. I’m nervous about it, but at the same time the coursing adrenaline triggered by the news of Ian Desmond at one year and $8 million reminds me that, on the one hand, this is only sports, and on the […]

Jamey Newberg: Jonesy.

Eight-year-old me was mesmerized by this 1977 Topps baseball card. The most ordinary name possible. The least interesting baseball card pose ever. Sixteen at-bats as a Texas Ranger that I had zero recollection of. Those sunglasses. And that note on the back of the card, a third of the way down. “In Military Service.” As a naïve second-grade kid, I […]

Newberg: Fits and starts.

It’s been a fairly atypical off-season for the Rangers from the standpoint of roster reconstruction, as the heaviest of the organization’s lifting for 2016 took place way back in July. The winter has been relatively slow on a recent Rangers scale, but that’s largely because the blueprint the front office had drawn up for building […]