Coffee and Clippings: Velocity puts Fernandez’s elbow at risk

jose fernandez marlins

Stephania Bell (@Stephania_ESPN) of ESPN discusses how increased velocity puts Jose Fernandez’s elbow at risk… Naturally, his fastball was scouted heavily during his rehab outings as a measure of assessing his recovery. The fact that he flashed fastball speeds of 95-97 mph out of the gate had fans excitedly clamoring for his MLB return, which […]

Coffee and Clippings: How Red Sox teamed up to help Eduardo Rodriguez not tip his pitches

Eduardo Rodriguez

Rob Bradford (@bradfo) of WEEI on how the Red Sox are helping Eduardo Rodriguez to stop tipping his pitches… The issue that plagued Rodriguez against the Orioles — tipping his pitches with runners on base — didn’t seem totally fixed. While he did correct the glove position when in the stretch, which was different in his delivery […]

Coffee and Clippings: At long last, Cain and Peavy set for return

jake peavy giants

Henry Schulman (@hankschulman) of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that Jake Peavy and Matt Cain are set to make their long-awaited return from injury… Jake Peavy and Matt Cain were supposed to be the Giants’ second and third starters in 2015, and Peavy was deadly honest Sunday when he said he knows the faithful do not view the […]

Coffee and Clippings: The most important thing Matz provided Mets was a smile

Stephen Matz Debut

Ken Davidoff (@KenDavidoff) of the New York Post highlights the stellar debut of Mets’ starting pitcher and attitude savior Steven Matz…  Yes, most of the postgame chatter focused not on Matz’s prized left arm, but rather his impressive bat, which delivered three hits and four RBIs, the latter a franchise record for a player in his […]

Peter Gammons: Hair on Fire

Kevin Kiermaier Tampa Bay Rays

Four days from July, and the Tampa Bay Rays are still in first place. The Rays who lost Alex Cobb for the season, have had Matt Moore on rehab the entire time, are now without Jake Odorizzi and Drew Smyly, are 13th in the American League and have started rookies in 35 games. With Joe Maddon […]

Coffee and Clippings: If rotation struggles, Yanks may make run at a big-name ace

jeff samardzija white sox

Joel Sherman (@Joelsherman1) of the NY Post writes that the Yankees may make a run at a big-name ace if the rotation struggles… If I were making an educated guess — and that is all it is — the White Sox’s Jeff Samardzija is as likely to continue to titillate the Yankees as anyone. He […]

Coffee and Clippings: Chris Archer, Cy Young and MVP candidate


David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield) of ESPN and SweetSpot baseball blog discusses Chris Archer and his incredible season thus far… That’s right. The Tampa Bay Rays ace isn’t just a Cy Young contender; considering his dominant numbers and Tampa Bay’s first-place status in the American East, he’s a strong candidate for first-half MVP, not that they give out […]

Peter Gammons: Schuerholz, Hart, and Braves keep eyes on the future

Schuerholz dugout

They’re the Braves, so when John Schuerholz brought in his good friend John Hart to try to restore the franchise, they knew that it would take swallowing some pride and a whole lot of creativity. They elevated assistant general manager John Coppolella, promoted and brought back renowned scouts Brian Bridges and Roy Clark and set […]

Coffee and Clippings: David Ortiz says he wouldn’t agree to trade

MLB: ALCS-Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers

Nick Cafardo (@nickcafardo) of the Boston Globe discusses why David Ortiz will not be accepting a trade to another team… Even if Ortiz starts hitting again in a way that would make him attractive to other teams, along with his postseason résumé, he said he would never waive his 10/5 rights in order to be dealt to […]

Peter Gammons: Stern punishment awaits Cardinals

John Mozeliak

Some general managers think the Cardinal hack of the Astros system may run deeper than is commonly believed. Most think it is either some unregulated young whizzes who wanted to embarrass or spite Jeff Luhnow and the other former Cardinals employees who went to the Astros, but if that is all it is, what they […]