Peter Gammons: Hanley, Red Sox Reunion and Free Agent Rumblings Around The League

dodgers hanley ramirez

It was just a few years ago that Hanley Ramirez had the blowup with then-Marlins’ manager Freddy Gonzalez. Ramirez had misplayed and booted a ball that went all the way to the left field corner, and when he failed to run hard after it was yanked out of the game by Gonzalez. The after words […]

Peter Gammons: Martin, Stanton Deals More Significant to Toronto, Miami Than Dollar Figures


It was November, 1990. The Blue Jays had moved into their futuristic Skydome midway through the previous season. The team Pat Gillick had so carefully built, was ready to win and there was one matter to which he and Paul Beaston felt they had to address: signing a free agent. They’d never gone there, and […]

Peter Gammons: It’s Hurricane Season for Free Agents

jon lester as

Trying to reason with the free agent season is, in some ways, like living down on The Keys and trying to reason with the hurricane season. In retrospect, the Red Sox miscalculated the Jon Lester negotiations when they made their $70M offer last spring, if for no other reason that the Homer Bailey deal was […]

What’s next for Jason Heyward and Justin Upton with free agency on the horizon?

jason heyward justin upton

The Braves know they have retooling to accomplish. When John Hart took over, he acknowledged that right now their farm system is considered in the bottom 20 percent in the major leagues. One can make a reasonable argument that over the next two years the Mets and Marlins can pass them in the line behind […]

Peter Gammons: Cherington, Red Sox Faced With Long Winter Ahead

ben cherington

Ben Cherington left Sunday for Phoenix because it is his turn to chair the General Manager Meetings. He was able to enjoy his final day before the trip seeing Amherst beat Williams and spending the day with fellow Lord Jeffs, Dan Duquette and Neal Huntington, and when the meetings begin Monday, he can begin to […]

Peter Gammons: Stanton, Marlins Have More To Weigh Than A Dollar Figure In Extension Talks

Giancarlo  Stanton leads the majors with an OPS of 1.074 in innings one-through-three. I look forward to smile returning next season.

No one knows whether or not Giancarlo Stanton will sign an extension with the Marlins. It’s silly to speculate on what he might get, because he has to decide whether or not he wants to do so, long before the dollars even begin being negotiated. Giancarlo likes Miami; he considered spending the winter there before […]

Peter Gammons: Dodgers, Cubs Headline Front Office Dream Teams On The Rise


We should grasp Stu Sternberg’s frustrations that are a realistic dilemma, put there on his St. Petersburg island. While a press conference was held yesterday in Montreal promoting the Blue Jays games with the Reds to be played in Montreal next season it turned into a rally to bring the Rays to that great city. […]

Peter Gammons: Arizona Fall League’s Top 9 Player Comps


The Fall League is all about what you see. Sometimes the length of the workload from February to November wears many players down, especially pitchers, but when scouts and executives gather for weeks and an event like Saturday night’s All Star Game, there is a relaxed joy in simply watching young players and projecting. They seemed […]

Peter Gammons: Cubs Get Their Man In Maddon


He is Joe Maddon, and Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer knew him as the manager who tormented the Red Sox. They’d watched his Rays, who’d never won 71 games in their history, win series in Fenway Park and The Trop in September 2008, beat the Red Sox in a dramatic, seven game ALCS, then come […]

Peter Gammons: Maddon’s Impact On And Off The Field

Joe maddon

To the good people, this is your new Cubs manager: Each June, the Foundation to be Named Later, started a decade ago by Theo and Paul Epstein, stages a game in Chicago called The Urban Classic, between the 18-and-under team from the Jackie Robinson West program and the Boston Astros, the two-time AAU champions from […]