Rules by Showalter

Buck Showalter predicated this suggestion by stating that after David Ortiz did his AT&T attack last weekend the game was altered by not having his rule. “Why is it,” asked Showalter, “that when a DH is ejected the manager of his team doesn’t have to decide who the replacement is. That changes the way the […]

Red Sox Faith in Workman

How much does John Farrell like Brandon Workman? As I ran through all Peavy brings—toughness, throws strikes, big heart—Farrell looked me right in the face and said, “you know I love Peavy, but what you’re saying he does—and he does—is what Brandon Workman does and will do for a long time.”

Oakland Considered Peavy

When Oakland checked in on Jake Peavy, Billy Beane was told it would take Sonny Gray and 19-year old Addison Russell, their two best prospects, plus they’d have to eat the remainder of Peavy’s contract. Not happening. Gray and, when he returns, Brett Anderson, can work out of what already is a formidable bullpen. “When […]

Indians pleased with options

One of the teams seriously in the wild card hunt, especially considering the AL East scrum, is Cleveland. Chris Antonetti’s one move was to add left handed reliever Scrabble Mark Rzepcynski to get left handed batters out in situations. “We feel very good that we have a lot of good alternatives in our farm system. […]

The Trading Deadline is Different

“The trading deadline is a little different now,” says Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd. Indeed, it may have evolved into more of a media event than a trading frenzy. “Because of revenue-sharing, the boom in national television money and the fact that even small or medium market teams have better regional and local deals than they […]

Tampa Bay Pitching Delivers

In a month in which David Price came back off the disabled list, made six starts, pitched 48 1/3 innings, threw three complete games and walked one batter, Chris Archer jumped out of the shadows, went 4-0 and walked seven batters in 37 innings, threw two complete games and walked seven in 37 innings, Archer […]

Giants Shop Hunter Pence

The Giants shopped Hunter Pence, but want to keep him. “They were asking for a premium haul,” says a GM, “and he probably would have gone back as a free agent. Now they can make a qualifying offer, and work on a longterm deal.” Hunter Pence – Regular Season Review AVG SLUG OBP OPS H […]

Hall of Fame Pitching

The next two years, the Hall of Fame ballot will contain a quarter of the best pitchers in baseball history, per P Wins Above Replacement. In order: Roger Clemens(3) Greg Maddux(8) Randy Johnson(9) Pedro Martinez(17) Mike Mussina(24) Curt Schilling (26) Tom Glavine(28) Mike Mussina is one of the most under-appreciated great pitchers, ever. He will […]

The Future of Brian McCann

There are a lot of present and veteran Braves who think the club is making a serious mistake by cavalierly allowing Brian McCann go with free agency at the end of the season. One player says, “he is our glue guy,” and David Ross says, “only the people around the team understand what he means […]

The Legality of the Rays / White Sox Deal

“The deal the Rays made isn’t legal if they announce that what the White Sox get back is conditional on how much and how well he pitches and where the Rays finish,” says an NL GM. “The Commissioner’s Office won’tallow it. But if the general managers trust one another, they can make a gentleman’s agreement.” […]