The New Normal

The typical baseball season can be described as an exciting adventure but one that’s long, grueling, draining, tedious, frustrating, nerve-racking, mundane, dull, and ultimately exhaustive. If  you’re on a good team that qualifies for the postseason, you  go through this herky-jerky, roller coaster existence for nearly ten months of the year. And between traveling through three time zones, hotel […]

A Midsummer Classic’s Dream

The first All Star Game played in San Diego was best described as “just another typical National League victory” with the NL down 3-0, coming back to score the last seven runs in the game. It was a  contest that didn’t have too many fireworks, no homeruns hit, but three triples slugged, two by the 1977 AL MVP, Rod […]

What’s with the offense?

William O’Toole is a sports cartoonist and writer. You can follow him on twitter @sawdust2012.

Strike Zones

You can follow cartoonist William O’Toole on twitter @sawdust2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy belated Father’s Day to all dads , especially those who know the sheer joy of sharing your love of sports and competition with your sons and daughters. There is nothing like going to the park and watching the local team that you and your kids root. It is even more special when they share […]

Kids These Days

It used to be that kids couldn’t wait to get home, grab a quick snack and a glass of milk, then run to the field to play baseball with their buddies or even against some rivals from another neighborhood. At least that was the perception of the “Leave It to Beaver” days of the late […]

Restore, Rehab, Repeat

The Cubs restored, refaced, and resurfaced Wrigley Field hoping that the face lift along with the continued development of their young talent fomenting in their revamped team could finally , finally,..FINALLY end their decades long dry spell of raising the National League pennant and worse a century plus drought of winning the World Series trophy. […]

Opening Day Shakespeare

“When proud pied April, dressed in all his trim, Hath put a spirit of youth in every thing.” Who doesn’t feel young again when Opening Day finally arrives? “When daffodils begin to peer, With heigh! the doxy, over the dale, Why, then comes in the sweet o’ the year; For the red blood reigns in […]

Waiting for the thaw

William O’Toole is a sports cartoonist and writer. You can follow him on twitter @sawdust2012.

Chap: From the CHUMPS to the CHAMPS?

Here’s what the Yankees received from the franchise that made even Santa blush with the gift giving they gave not just to New York but to other teams as well. Remember Kansas City and Johnny Cueto?   The acquisition of Aroldis Chapman to the Yankees bullpen makes them a legitimate contender to win the AL […]