Cardinals show interest in Lowrie

jed lowrie

Orlando — While the Cardinals are shopping for a shortstop—Troy Tulowitzki, Jurickson Profar, Elvis Andrus, Erick Aybar, et al—they are also interested in Oakland’s Jed Lowrie, who can give them length in their batting order. The Athletics could trade Lowrie and send Addison Russell to the majors this season. Russell has drawn comps to Barry Larkin, and one NL scout says “he has uncanny skills to drive the ball and drive it hard in and out of the park in the alleys.”

While agents are roaming the area stirring business for free agents, one says, “the fact is, most of what the general managers are talking about here are trades. The free agent stuff will come in awhile. Remember, this is just the beginning of the trade and market season.”


  1. Jed Lowrie for Shelby Miller straight up, get it done Billy.

    • Put down the crack pipe son.

      • Uhh you guys know that the A’s are in no rush to move Lowrie, right? It would need to take a mind-blowing offer like Miller. You guys aren’t getting Lowrie for Kelley or your overstock.

        Plus there’s the whole selling Brett Wallace as being a good prospect to us when he stunk so bad, Beane’s not getting bit twice. We want Miller or GTFO, and in it will end up being the latter. This rumor is dumb.

        • John Levasseur says:

          Shelby Miller for brokedown Jed Lowrie….are you serious? If I were the Cards I wouldn’t offer more than Kozma, and only if I got a player to be named if Lowrie plays less than his usual 100 games a season.

          • 154 games and 664 PA = “broke down”? Are YOU serious???

            I was expecting more from the “The best fans in baseball™” but looks like you guys don’t even pay attention. Lowrie had freak injuries his entire career, nothing chronic. But none of this matters because Beane’s not moving him for anything less than a mind-blowing offer so please stop replying if you don’t like this reality. Lowrie is an Athletic unless a team wants to grossly overpay for him, like say, a Shelby Miller, who has been announced as being on the table to help solve their SS woes by STL management.

            Please play by the rules everyone. Only go off what’s said and not your own visions.

        • Anthony Reitz says:

          Guys like Lowrie, could never draw a player like Shelby Miller. No way, no how. Solid SS, but keep dreaming.

          • That’s exactly my point, only its the Cardinals who are dreaming if they think they can get Lowrie for their overrated prospects and overstocked league average pitching. Everyone knows they want a SS, and they have the shiny young stars everyone wants. Enjoy Rafael Furcal, I guess.

          • Buckywunder says:

            Overrated prospects?

            Who was in the World Series — and who wasn’t?

            The Cardinals are getting younger and better — simultaneously…

          • Yeah because they get all the benefits of being a “small market” team while operating entirely as a big market one.

    • CardsFanInChitown2 says:

      haha, no. Shelby for Addison Russell maybe

      • Thats never happening. Miller’s on the table, Russell is the future cornerstone of the franchise. At least say Cespedes or something…

    • Anthony Reitz says:

      Won’t happen…Keep wishing.

    • Matthews John says:

      to hell with that we want to keep miller.

  2. John Levasseur says:

    Lowrie is not an upgrade over what the Cards currently have. Not reliable, always hurt and doesn’t play hurt. The guy they really need is JJ Hardy, he is the most underrated SS in the game today.

    • He played 154 games and had 664 PA’s this year. Do you know anything about anything??? You clearly cant even look up stats.

      Hardy is underrated? He won a gold glove and silver slugger! By the way Lowrie was also ROBBED of Silver Slugger by Hardy, who ONLY had more HR than him, Lowrie had better numbers in literally every other category, he’s a beast at the plate.

      • hitmanlawrence says:

        An A’s homer just a little bit? Dude’s 29 and played over 100 games once. That’s only one more time than me! Check out baseball reference’s most similar by age and you get…Tim Teufel, so yes Cards, trade a future #1 or 2 starter for Tim Teufel. Oh and he was 2nd in the AL in errors committed this year – as in second highest amount of errors. His slight offensive upgrade for STL would not offset the downgrade in defense plus losing a rotation guy.

        • Its the Cards who want Lowrie, not the A’s wanting Miller. If they come in Beane’s house, they have to blow him away. Thanks for the name calling though, its really cool to call me a homer just because I know how baseball works and you apparently do not.

          If the Cards are GOING to a team, they MUST pay out the a-hole. If a team comes to the Cards, they will pay. Thanks for shafting the A’s for Holliday though, Brett Wallace was totally worth it, SMH. The A’s would want Miller because he actually is not a failed prospect, unlike so many of the Cards other ones they lie and hype to.

          As for Lowrie’s history, its all freak injuries nothing chronic, he’s as sound as it comes moving forward.

      • John Levasseur says:

        first year in 6 pro seasons he had more than 400ab’s or played more than 100 games……maybe YOU need to look at the stats a little more objectively. He dogged it in Boston…wouldn’t play hurt and took forever to get back on the field. 1 year doesn’t a career make. You seem to grossly overrate Lowrie and if you think the Cards would give up a pitcher of Millers potential for him you are dead wrong. 15HR and a .290 average isn’t what I would consider a beast.

        • Oh yeah, playing hurt really helped Miguel Cabrera in September, you dummy, playing hurt is NOT SMART BASEBALL. It NEVER works. Jarrod Parker played hurt for a month and had an ERA of 8, he finally went on the DL and came back awesome.

          And yet again your tiny mind cannot comprehend my larger point in that the A’s will NOT trade a guy they need this year for anything less than a mind blowing offer, such as Miller. You are not trading Joe Kelly for him. Give up.

          • PL, I think you are missing the whole point when you repeatedly say that StL is coming to Oakland hand in hand begging for Lowrie so they must overpay for him. I don’t doubt that StL might have asked Billy Boy if he is interested in improving his pitching staff. If it is “yes” they will work out a deal that is mutually beneficial to BOTH teams. If the answer is “no” that is fine they will move on. There are plenty of other teams to deal with. As far as Wallace goes, there is no way StL lied about the player. If so, shame on Billy and staff for not doing their homework which of course they did. Most AAA players don’t make it in the majors even “can’t miss” prospects fail. Oakland was going to lose Holiday at the end of the contract and they got 3 young players WHO THEY LIKED in exchange. (Brett Wallace, Clayton Mortensen, and Shane Peterson) Peterson is just the kind of player Billy likes. A little bit of an average, some speed and some power in the minors. He is only 25 so there is still time for him to develop.

          • I’m so bitter about that trade, forgive me.

            I’m definitely right to say that the A’s are going to want Miller for Lowrie if STL comes to them and asks about Lowrie. That’s what is going to happen, so why do all these Cardinals homers come in here and start throwing around over-stock for a playoff teams starting SS and #3 hitter.

            The A’s are the team that has won the MOST regular season games over the past 2 seasons, show respect, they aren’t rebuilding and giving away players, they are strictly looking to improve on an AL West Champ squad. Its about respect, and Cardinals fans have none. If they did, they’d know how important Lowrie is to the A’s this year.

          • PL first I am proud of what Oakland has done. Congratulations. I wish more small market teams had success. I hate it when a NY, LA or even Boston or Philly team buys a WS. It is not good for baseball. I wish Oakland nothing but the best UNTIL they face StL in the WS in 2014.
            It would not surprise me if Oakland started by asking for Miller (why not?) but as I said it would have to be a trade that works for both teams. I really don’t see this trade happening anyway.
            The so called “overstock” players are still quality pitchers. They have had success and many teams, even Oakland, wouldn’t mind having them on their staff. In 2014 many would qualify as # 3 starters for a lot of teams and within a couple years could be as high as their # 1. Such as Martinez. There is no way StL offers him in any deal to anyone but if you know baseball at all you can’t say he is overstock nor not worth being traded for nearly 70% of major league players. Yet he was in the minors and the Cardinals bullpen this year.
            As far as the respect issue, this is not the greatest place to form an opinion of fans of any team. You yourself mention that you are bitter about the prospective deal. That taints your opinion on the subject. You will value Lowrie higher than fans from other teams will. Give the same benefit to Cardinal fans for valuing their players higher than others do. Many Cardinal fans have respect for Oakland and their players.

          • No, I am bitter about the Holliday deal, where the A’s got nothing for him. Lowrie hit #3 in the lineup and you guys think Joe Kelly is going to be a fair deal? Not. On. This. Planet.

            Its all pointless anyway. Lowrie will not be in a Cardinals uniform next year unless they send a mind-blowing offer to Oakland, which they wont, so lets quit talking about it.