Peter Gammons: A Beach Boys Christmas

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Sit back and think about where everyone has gone since Madison Bumgarner put away the 2014 season. In the transition season from Bud Selig to Rob Manfred, when after the Kansas City Royals took the World Series to a seventh game as many as three-quarters of the teams will awaken on Christmas morning believing in […]

Peter Gammons: Similar business models have Cubs, Red Sox primed for success

jason mcleod jed hoyer theo epstein

When Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod took over the Cubs, they built their longterm business plan around a unique premise. “The really good hitters don’t get to free agency any more,” Epstein says. “When they do, they are outrageously expensive. Bats and offense are rare in this period in baseball for a number […]

Masterson’s Impressive Numbers Pre-Oblique Injury in 2013

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2013 Statistics 

Peter Gammons: Red Sox bolster starting rotation in Lester’s absence

rick porcello

And for the 23,763rd time, let it be said that the Red Sox shouldn’t have opened the Jon Lester negotiations as low as $70M. The Yankees shouldn’t have signed Alex Rodriguez to that 2007 extension. The Rays should have drafted Buster Posey instead of Tim Beckham because Andrew Friedman and Joe Maddon would still be […]

Peter Gammons: Cashman gets creative with Gregorius acquisition

didi gregorius dbacks

There was nowhere else to turn, so Brian Cashman got creative, pieced together a three-way deal and in Didi Gregorius got the Yankees a shortstop far better than anyone on the open market. We all get that he’s not Mr. November, but he is a good defender, he has a lot to learn in terms […]

Peter Gammons: Miller heads to the Bronx; Will Lester return to Boston?


On the off day between the 2013 ALDS and ALCS, Andrew Miller, cast on his foot from a break he suffered in July, hobbled by the batting cage, clearly uneasy, uncomfortable. “I’m thinking maybe I should go home,” he said. “I’m not helping the team. They’re playing, I’m not.” And hobbled off. A few minutes […]

Peter Gammons: Waking up to a new AL East

pablo sandoval ben cherington

They don’t know who will manage them, but at least the Tampa Bay Rays know who they are, that there’s a chance they have the best pitcher in the American League East in Alex Cobb and even with their former manager and former general manager in a $150M poker game over Jon Lester that somehow, […]

Peter Gammons: For the Blue Jays, It’s Been Too Long to Boast

russell martin alex anthopoulos

In the first month of the off-winter, Alex Anthopoulos has signed Russell Martin, traded for a prized second base prospect named Devon Travis and now acquired Josh Donaldson, whose WAR puts him in an elite class among all American League players, let alone third basemen. But on Saturday, Anthopoulos refused to spike the ball in […]

Peter Gammons: Beane ignites Oakland rebuild with Donaldson trade

billy beane

The morning after Billy Beane traded for Jon Lester, the Athletics had the best record (66-42) and the best run differential (+161) in baseball. The last two months, they were 22-32 with a -4 run differential, before blowing the play-in game lead to the Royals. They finished 10 games behind the Angels, after trading away […]

Peter Gammons: Tomas heads to the Majors; Which international player is next?

yasmany tomas

Yasmany Tomas may not understand an American Thanksgiving. He was raised in Cuba, and was working out in the Dominican Republic, and a couple of weeks back when his agent Jay Alou asked him if he needed anything, all he asked for was a legitimate, game-conditioned pitcher and a game to play in. Tomas was […]