Closing with 4+ Outs

We are all weary of save numbers, especially when one considers that there are only two closers in baseball with more than two saves of 4+ outs; Ernesto Frieri of the Angels has five 4+ out saves, Edward Mujica of the Cardinals four. What’s interesting is to go to saves when a closer comes in […]

Braves: The Value of McCann

One of the most perplexing cases looking forward to the fall free agent market is Atlanta catcher Brian McCann. While the Braves lavished $75M on B.J. Upton, they essentially passed on tying up McCann, who will go on the market in November at age 29, younger than Robinson Cano (30), Jacoby Ellsbury (30) or Shin […]

MLB’s Top Hitting Second Basemen

MLB’s Best Hitting Second Basemen (sorted by OPS) G PA AVG OBP SLUG OPS K% BB% HR% BABIP Robinson Cano (NYY) 129 554 .304 .384 .501 .886 13.2% 11.0% 4.8% .316 Matt Carpenter (STL) 124 568 .311 .382 .476 .858 13.0% 9.5% 2.0% .345 Jason Kipnis (CLE) 117 522 .285 .366 .470 .836 21.8% 11.5% […]

Sabermetics with Lee Sinis

Sabermetrician Lee Sinins, whose online sabermetric encyclopedia is a must, each week sends out his hitting and pitching leaders. Hitters Runs Created are RCAA, Pitchers’ runs saved, RSAA. The leaders, and trailers, on August 25, also known as Chuck Berry’s birthday. NATIONAL LEAGUE                                                              AMERICAN LEAGUE RCAA Goldschmidt, Ar.      47                                                        Cabrera, Det.           82 Votto, […]

MLB Network: Puig vs. Fernandez

The MLB Network takes a look at the value of Puig vs. the value of Fernandez. Jose Fernandez G PA W L ERA WHIP AVG HR K BB K/9 BB/9 2013 24 581 9 5 2.41 1.023 .189 8 157 51 9.70 3.15 Created by on 8/21/2013 Yasiel Puig G PA AVG SLUG OBP […]

Soriano in Pinstripes

A quick look at Alfonso Soriano since his return to the Yankees on July 26, 2013. The heat maps below represent his slugging percentage based on pitch location. Soriano’s Return to the Bronx G PA AVG SLUG OPS OBP H HR K% Alfonso Soriano (Cubs) 93 383 .254 .467 .754 .287 92 17 23.2% Alfonso […]

Sunday Notes: The Red Sox

The record in games started by opposing lefthanders is 22-18 (going into Sunday night and CC Sabathia), bettered only in their division by the Tampa Bay Rays. Indeed, they have been overpowered in the second half of the season by David Price and Matt Moore, who on the nights they pitched would have dominated anyone, […]

The Legacy of Charlie Manuel

Being with Charlie Manuel has always been a pure and simple joy. There was always a feeling that you were up at the lake sitting on the back porch with him, listening to his stories. Like the time as a kid in Virginia an assistant basketball coach from North Carolina named Dean Smith came to […]

Soriano Back in Pinstripes

Alfonso Soriano has been one of the best midseason pickups, with 8 homers since July 26 and, after his blast of Boston’s Felix Doubront Friday, 5 homers and 19 RBIs in four games. With the Yanks still having nine games left with the Red Sox, Soriano becomes a huge figure in the American League East […]

Lackey: A-Rod Should Not be Playing

Peter Gammons’ response to an article by Peter Abraham (@PeteAbe) in in which John Lackey is quoted saying that A-Rod shouldn’t be playing: Lackey doesn’t believe it’s fair Rodriguez is on the field. ‘I’ve got a problem with it. You bet I do,’ Lackey told the Globe on Thursday. ‘How is he still playing? He […]