Red Sox Leadership Paving the Way

One of the most enjoyable daily events at Fenway Park is the 30-45 minute infield session run by Brian Butterfield that begins at 3:30. This daily full infield was originated by Alex Cora when he was a utility infielder for the Red Sox in 2006, his first disciple was Dustin Pedroia upon his recall from […]

MLB Video Recap – 9/5/13

Millar and Rose Predictions Diamond Demo: Scherzer Williams on The Rundown Your browser does not support iframes. Pulse of the Postseason Your browser does not support iframes.

Blueprint: Developing an MLB Franchise

So August dimmed into September, and when we awoke to the light of the new month, the Pittsburgh Pirates were in first place in the National League Central, off consecutive wins by Francisco Liriano and A.J. Burnett in the seat of the division, St. Louis. And in the city that brought us the Miracle of […]

Gammons: MLB’s Rules in September

Baseball still turns a blind eye to the integrity of the pennant races and post-season. Hence, September is played under completely different rules than the preceding five months, and teams can go up to 40 players. Both John Farrell and Buck Showalter—heck, everyone who either has run a team in contention or cares about the […]

Orioles Flying in the Right Direction

Within the walls that protect baseball’s culture, the Orioles have become the working man’s team. Oh, it’s not like they have 25 Nick Puntos; they have six everyday players who have been allstars, including three starters in this July’s game in New York, Chris Davis is on a pace to challenge Roger Maris’s 61* and […]

Closing with 4+ Outs

We are all weary of save numbers, especially when one considers that there are only two closers in baseball with more than two saves of 4+ outs; Ernesto Frieri of the Angels has five 4+ out saves, Edward Mujica of the Cardinals four. What’s interesting is to go to saves when a closer comes in […]

Braves: The Value of McCann

One of the most perplexing cases looking forward to the fall free agent market is Atlanta catcher Brian McCann. While the Braves lavished $75M on B.J. Upton, they essentially passed on tying up McCann, who will go on the market in November at age 29, younger than Robinson Cano (30), Jacoby Ellsbury (30) or Shin […]

MLB’s Top Hitting Second Basemen

MLB’s Best Hitting Second Basemen (sorted by OPS) G PA AVG OBP SLUG OPS K% BB% HR% BABIP Robinson Cano (NYY) 129 554 .304 .384 .501 .886 13.2% 11.0% 4.8% .316 Matt Carpenter (STL) 124 568 .311 .382 .476 .858 13.0% 9.5% 2.0% .345 Jason Kipnis (CLE) 117 522 .285 .366 .470 .836 21.8% 11.5% […]

Sabermetics with Lee Sinis

Sabermetrician Lee Sinins, whose online sabermetric encyclopedia is a must, each week sends out his hitting and pitching leaders. Hitters Runs Created are RCAA, Pitchers’ runs saved, RSAA. The leaders, and trailers, on August 25, also known as Chuck Berry’s birthday. NATIONAL LEAGUE                                                              AMERICAN LEAGUE RCAA Goldschmidt, Ar.      47                                                        Cabrera, Det.           82 Votto, […]

MLB Network: Puig vs. Fernandez

The MLB Network takes a look at the value of Puig vs. the value of Fernandez. Jose Fernandez G PA W L ERA WHIP AVG HR K BB K/9 BB/9 2013 24 581 9 5 2.41 1.023 .189 8 157 51 9.70 3.15 Created by on 8/21/2013 Yasiel Puig G PA AVG SLUG OBP […]