Koji Uehara Relieving the Red Sox

When the Red Sox signed Koji Uehara, they realized the risks. He’s 38 years old. The medicals were, well, risky. “We understood that to maximize his performance and ability we needed to be careful with him,” says John Farrell. Which brings up the number two. That is the number of times that Uehara has gotten […]

Power is Often the Last Thing to Come

Don Mattingly was 18 years old in 1979. He’d signed with the Yankees that June and played 53 games in Oneonta, N.Y., and when he hit 3 homers and by his admission “hit a lot of balls down the left field line” the powers that be in the organization worried that he wouldn’t hit for […]

The Apology of Everth Cabrera

Everth Cabrera’s emotional apology to his Padres teammates and to fans prompted this from a general manager: ”The number of players on the suspended list for whom English is a second language tells me that we as clubs and the Players Association and agents are betraying a lot of these kids. We should all do […]

Fishing for Answers in Miami

Maybe it’s for the best that we really don’t know where the money came from to build Marlins Park, or what really was said to Jose Reyes before he went to Dubai and was traded. Maybe it serves no purpose to know why none of the free agents, like Reyes and Mark Buehrle, who were […]

PEDs: The Never Ending Saga

Alex Rodriguez is not going to his room quietly. There is no failed drug test, as was the case with Ryan Braun, and while there may be enough evidence to suggest a waiver deal for Edward Snowden, the fact is that the Players Association and Rodriguez’s lawyers are going after the boundaries of Bud Selig’s […]

Alex Rodriguez: Regarding that Contract

No one knows what Alex Rodriguez will be if and when he comes back in 2015. Probably little. Three serious hip procedures has so altered his natural running gait that part after part of his body will continually break down. Buck Showalter this weekend wondered why the Yankees would be allowed under the luxury tax […]

Revisiting the Red Sox – Dodgers Deal

Ben Cherington was sitting in the Greenville, S.C. airport last August 24, awaiting a flight that led to a connection back to Boston. He nervously fidgeted with his smartphone, awaiting the final word on whether or not all the players in what was proposed to be a monumental deal with the Dodgers had cleared, and […]

Peter Gammons: MLB Roundup

  Walk-Off City Watching the Red Sox rally for six runs in the ninth inning against the Mariners for their 11th walk-off win Thursday night was reminiscent of July 30, 1997. The Mariners were headed for the playoffs, Boston’s destination was a don’t-care, and on an afternoon the M’s went into the bottom of the […]

Red Sox, White Sox and Tigers Make a Move

In the days leading up to the trading deadline, Red Sox manager John Farrell professed to be comfortable with Brandon Workman in his rotation. Monday, when someone listed all Jake Peavy’s strengths, Farrell said, “in other words, like Brandon Workman.” On Tuesday night, Workman went out and had his third straight six inning /2 earned […]

Sunday Red Sox Notes – Looking For Pitching

Joel Hanrahan went down when the season was less than a month old, then when Andrew Miller was established as their best reliever, he went down in early July, and when they got back from the All-Star Break Andrew Bailey essentially was done for the season. Clay Buchholz hasn’t pitched since he won and went to 8-0 on June 8. Jon […]