The Legacy of Charlie Manuel

Being with Charlie Manuel has always been a pure and simple joy. There was always a feeling that you were up at the lake sitting on the back porch with him, listening to his stories. Like the time as a kid in Virginia an assistant basketball coach from North Carolina named Dean Smith came to […]

Soriano Back in Pinstripes

Alfonso Soriano has been one of the best midseason pickups, with 8 homers since July 26 and, after his blast of Boston’s Felix Doubront Friday, 5 homers and 19 RBIs in four games. With the Yanks still having nine games left with the Red Sox, Soriano becomes a huge figure in the American League East […]

Lackey: A-Rod Should Not be Playing

Peter Gammons’ response to an article by Peter Abraham (@PeteAbe) in in which John Lackey is quoted saying that A-Rod shouldn’t be playing: Lackey doesn’t believe it’s fair Rodriguez is on the field. ‘I’ve got a problem with it. You bet I do,’ Lackey told the Globe on Thursday. ‘How is he still playing? He […]

The Unlikely Saga of Danny Farquhar

Danny Farquhar is 26. His journey has taken him from Toronto to Oakland, back to Toronto, back to Oakland to the Yankees and, last year, was traded to the Mariners for Ichiro Suzuki. And went to the minor leagues, where he started this season. “When I saw him earlier this year, I put him in […]

Angels, Rangers on Different Tracks

They are two trains running, 15 games apart. One signed Josh Hamilton, got the payroll close enough to the luxury tax so that their pitching became an afterthought. The other let Hamilton walk, and when it came time to address pitching, they had the prospects to add the best pitcher on the market, Matt Garza, […]

Kennedy on Fenway Concerts

Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Paul McCartney, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake have all played at Fenway this summer, all to sellout audiences. What is surprising is that the baseball operations folks say those concerts make the Red Sox less money than a regular season sellout. “The notion that these concerts are highly lucrative is wrong,” […]

Koji Uehara Relieving the Red Sox

When the Red Sox signed Koji Uehara, they realized the risks. He’s 38 years old. The medicals were, well, risky. “We understood that to maximize his performance and ability we needed to be careful with him,” says John Farrell. Which brings up the number two. That is the number of times that Uehara has gotten […]

Power is Often the Last Thing to Come

Don Mattingly was 18 years old in 1979. He’d signed with the Yankees that June and played 53 games in Oneonta, N.Y., and when he hit 3 homers and by his admission “hit a lot of balls down the left field line” the powers that be in the organization worried that he wouldn’t hit for […]

The Apology of Everth Cabrera

Everth Cabrera’s emotional apology to his Padres teammates and to fans prompted this from a general manager: ”The number of players on the suspended list for whom English is a second language tells me that we as clubs and the Players Association and agents are betraying a lot of these kids. We should all do […]

Fishing for Answers in Miami

Maybe it’s for the best that we really don’t know where the money came from to build Marlins Park, or what really was said to Jose Reyes before he went to Dubai and was traded. Maybe it serves no purpose to know why none of the free agents, like Reyes and Mark Buehrle, who were […]