Mariano Stands Alone

The lasting memory of the 2013 All-Star Festival will forever be Mariano Rivera standing alone and its reasoning…his peers respected the fact that, indeed, he has stood alone for nearly two decades, and in that time he has stood for dignity and civility that may be unprecedented. Few in any field have ever been amongst the best […]

Sunday Baseball Notes

Billy Beane has long maintained that the season is played out in three acts:the first two months are spent figuring out what each team has, the next two months are spent trying to get what they need and the last two months are the race to play in October. So while the All-Star Break is a […]

The Closer

Closer is the position so often judged by the word “blown.” Some 29 years ago, as his Blue Jays bullpen decayed down the stretch, Bobby Cox said “a bullpen can infect an entire team,” as in these last two months in Arizona and Boston and Detroit and Los Angeles and places where bullpen fender-benders have occurred at […]

Premium Pitching In The NL East

It has become eminently clear that the National League East is becoming the pitching division. This was the discussion that began among some Padres players, coaches and front office people now after having faced the Met’s Matt Harvey, Miami’s Jose Fernandez and Washington’s Stephen Strasburg. “Those three have the best stuff of any starters in the league,” said one official. And […]

Jose Iglesias – A Profile On Baseball Intelligence

Jose Iglesias has always been Dustin Pedroia’s mentee, from the time the Cuban refugee reported to Red Sox spring training in 2010 and Pedroia had him to his spring training house for dinner two or three times a week. This past winter, when Iglesias flew to Arizona to train with Pedroia and Andre Ethier, Pedroia noticed a change […]

Time for a Break

When Troy Tulowitski went down with a broken rib Thursday night, there had been 285 players on the disabled list this season who had combined to miss more than 10,000 days. “One of the biggest factors in the game today is the injury rate,” Billy Beane has uttered for two years, now. “The healthiest and […]

MLB Mentors Make All The Difference

On Tuesday night in Portland, Maine, a 24-year old lefthanded pitcher with a million dollar arm, stretches of wildness and a pending court date threw a shutout for the Red Sox Double-A Sea Dogs. Somewhere in Los Angeles, while his teammates battled the Diamondbacks, Josh Beckett smiled. Back on March 2, Drake Britton was involved in an accident in Fort Myers, […]

This Year the MLB Draft Worked

No one likes all the elements of the new draft that began last June. Yes, as several rebuilding general managers have observed, it pushes the dollars to the free agent market; hence the larger revenue clubs still control that market. It takes away from clubs’ ability to build from the base up, as well as […]

2013 Draft Notes

A few thoughts on the draft, as everyone speculates on the impact of the positive Adderol tests on Oklahoma’s Jonathan Gray and Marshall’s Aaron Blair. My take is that the Astros have done enough background work on Gray to know his makeup, and Keith Law is probably right—the revelation will give them the hammer in […]

Tired Baseball

Last Thursday night, May 30, the Royals and Cardinals sat around in the St. Louis rain past 3 am (Friday, May 31), forcing the visitors to have to arrive in Arlington, Texas past dawn and have to begin a three game series against one of the best teams in the American League. It was so […]