Gammons Notes: Machado’s immaturity, Kendrys Morales, Zobrist’s market and draft leftovers

Thoughts on June 10: The Manny Machado affair will take on several lives, some of which could be spent in Norfolk as he tries to regain his swing and forget about his knee. He’s not a troubled person, he is very immature, and away from the ballpark does not have some of the best of […]

Peter Gammons: Memorial Day MLB Draft Notes

Sometimes one asks why they’re so worried about things that go bump in the night. Really, now. Why should a ping pong ball festival get as many viewers as the Major League Baseball Draft, which happens to be a lot of fun? Sure, weeks after the pongs have pinged, the names in the NBA draft […]

Gammons Notes: Contract extensions for pitchers, Brad Ausmus, Mookie Betts and more

Contract extensions/big money offers for pitchers Noting the rash of pitching injuries the last two months, one general manager said, “I would think it would be very hard for a pitcher to turn down extensions or big contract offers. It takes a lot of guts because it is so risky.” The GM went on to […]

Gammons Notes: Joey Votto’s discipline, Derek Jeter, Jon Lester and Andrew Miller

Talking to Joey Votto about hitting is like talking to Ted Williams or Barry Bonds. It is a conversation that is intellectual, passionate and precisely clear, as John Updike once put it, like looking inside an old-fashioned peeping-type Easter egg. When he speaks of “by and large, pitchers who are successful don’t throw pitches near […]

Gammons Notes: Yasiel Puig’s baseball adolescence and Yankees pitching

Yasiel Puig’s baseball adolescence Among the Sunday morning Coffee and Clippings is a brilliant piece by Dan Le Batard on about Yasiel Puig, and the struggles he has had in making the cross between life and baseball cultures. While Puig has been portrayed as some kind of rebel without a cause, one executive last […]

Gammons Notes: Tejada’s status with the Mets, Lucas Giolito impressing and more

Ruben Tejada There is no sense around the Mets that they are heartily inclined to rush to sign Stephen Drew and dump Ruben Tejada, despite Tejada’s .120 spring average. If Drew’s price came down to the $7M AAV area, maybe, but that’s hard to swallow given the fact that he turned down $14.1M from the […]

Gammons Notes: Padres, Mariners, Orioles, Colby Lewis and more

A dozen thoughts: –The Padres may have lost Cameron Maybin for a while, but I like this team as a wild card dreamer. With Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross developing, the staff ERA dropped from 4.22 to 3.62 after the break, Joe Wieland, off TJ, has been up to 96, Ian Kennedy is reliable, especially […]

Gammons Notes: White Sox, Russell Wilson, Jeff Samardzija and more

Notes from a rental car, Seasons 52 Edamame and my daily dose of Jackie Greene on the iPhone: –When the White Sox arrived at their facility in Glendale, Arizona, to get to the clubhouse each player had to walk a red carpet, lined by red velvet ropes. Hey, who knew Adam Dunn would be an […]

Gammons Notes: MLB payrolls, Grady Sizemore and Justin Masterson

MLB Payrolls One of the best of the baseball scholars is Wendy Thurm, whose analysis of major league payrolls on FanGraphs is fascinating. A few takes from them: –Projecting 2014 payrolls, there are clearly The Big Seven (rounded off for this column): Dodgers ($223M), Yankees ($198M), Phillies ($176M), Tigers ($161M), Red Sox ($155M), Angels ($151M), […]

Gammons Notes: Home plate collision rules, Nelson Cruz and Ervin Santana

Some waking thoughts: –The home plate collision rules clearly have been thought out, debated and are well-intended. They are also going to be a two or three year work in progress, because those collisions have so long been a part of the game. Several Red Sox players, including David Ortiz, believe there could be more […]