The Hit List

The Hit List is a compilation of analysis from writers that have been selected by Peter Gammons.

NL Best & Worst Hitters Home & Away

I know it is not a revelation, but there is no National League hitting equivalent of Miguel Cabrera.   NL Home and Away Stars The closest we can find in terms of home and away hitting in the NL, is the Brewers Carlos Gomez who is hitting .362 in Milwaukee and .378 away from home. Next among the […]

Chasing Halladay Out of Games

Batters Stop Chasing Halladay’s Stuff, Chase Him Out Of Games Roy Halladay is headed to the disabled list due to right shoulder inflammation, following seven brutal starts in which the two-time Cy Young Award winner surrendered nearly an earned run per inning pitched (8.65 ERA) and posted a walk rate (4.5 BB/9) approaching two and a […]

Will King Felix Be Like Tom Terrific, Or Doc Gooden?

Felix Hernandez has been historically excellent as a youngster, ranking 15th all-time in Wins Above Replacement among starting pitchers through age 26. He also has a lot of mileage on his golden right arm. Hernandez has thrown 1,620 innings in the majors so far, the highest total for an Expansion-Era pitcher through age 26 since Dwight Gooden tossed […]