Its Finally Over!!

Let Francona replace Chief Wahoo

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Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are an unbelievable source of information for baseball aficionados  especially kids. On the face or front  is a photograph of the player, always out of focus or off-centered so you have difficulty identifying him at the stadium, in the parking lot, or at card shows. On the back of the card is usually a cartoon with a […]

Damned Yankees

New York State of Mind

The Mets are really still the “Mess” .Overshadowed by their acquisition of Yoenis Cespedes at the trade deadline last July is the fact that the Mets have really been a mediocre team despite having a starting pitching staff that has the potential to rival any of the great ones that come to mind immediately: Cleveland 1950s, Atlanta 1990s. With […]

Front Office Theology

San Diego is the Jeckyll/Hyde team of the NL West. They just can ‘t figure out who they are and where they want to go as a franchise. In 2015, they were all in for a giant run toward the postseason adding veterans and payroll. It didn’t work the way the front office as the […]

Trade Paparazzis

One rule change that baseball has improved is the July 31 trade deadline. It has made the month of July an exciting month  pennant races finally coming into focus  for players on the field,  fans in  the stands, the media in the press box and bloggers on  the internet.  Baseball is the one  sport that is arguably more defined  […]


“DEALS ARE PART OF THEIR TRADE ” For fans, the trading deadline Major League Baseball has made the end of July exciting and suspenseful for teams fighting for the postseason and for the franchises trying to avoid falling into the basement.  For teams like the Reds the trade deadline allows them the chance to continue their rebuilding in an […]

Chris Scissorhands

He’s 71-43 a .623 winning percentage with a career 2.95 ERA and led the AL in strikeouts last year with 274. He has been your best player for the last few seasons and he is no prima donna as he has averaged close to 200 innings a year and when he has the opportunity will finish games he’s […]


Whiff Sometimes our perceptions are based on more on fact than fiction. Scanning the box scores on a lazy summer Sunday morning  a ritual I like millions of baseball fans have been doing while we are sipping our morning coffees and chewing on our buttered bagel. (You ever notice that no matter how fastidious you are you inevitably put […]