One Million Dollars a Win

David Price just inked a monstrous seven year 217 million dollar deal to become Boston’s new ace and anchor a pitching staff that to put it mildly was putrid last year as the Sox finished last for the second time in a row. Price is worth the money if the Red Sox win the division, […]

The Bard of Wrigley

I know, I know. If you had your choice you’d like to take all three in your rotation and vote all three the Cy Young, baseball’s award for the best pitcher in baseball for the season that was. But Jake Arreita didn’t win the award because  Los Angeles Dodgers teammates Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke knocked each other […]

Buy The Numbers

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Will O’Toole is a sports cartoonist and writer. You can follow him on twitter @sawdust2012.

Royal beat down of Mets hitters

Much has been made of the Royals ability to play small ball and manufacture runs. However the real story of this World Series is how dominant the Royals pitching staff has been over the Mets hitters, holding them to a .165 combined batting average while giving up a combined 1.57 ERA. We will see if […]

Oh Canada!!

Ever since the Expos left Montreal, the Blue Jays have taken over as the baseball team of choice throughout Canada. With no postseason participation since the early 90’s, October 2015 has moved baseball back to the forefront of Canadian culture. It is now a duty as Canadians to drop everything that you are doing and watch the […]

Yogi’s Championship Picnic Baskets

Is Yogi Berra the greatest winner of all time? As a player on the Yankees, he was part of 14 pennant winning teams. As a manager he led the Yankees and Mets to AL and NL titles. As a coach he was a part of teams that won pennants in 1969, 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1981. That’s […]

Temperatures Rising

Even though many of the races appear to be over, recent history would indicate that some of the leaders could spiral into a tailspin and wind up in the wildcard spot or worse out of the playoffs completely. As that famous baseball philosopher Yogi Berra says, “It ain’t over til it’s over” Houston, one of the surprise teams […]

A Little Light on The Dark Night

Imagine: You’re the ace of the rotation. You’re the man. The face of the franchise. You’ve helped to bring about a renaissance to a moribund franchise that has been cursed by a successful stretch by the rival franchise in the same city with an iconic figure, financial scandal and ruin to the principal owner, and two runs at a […]

A ChickenPOX On Your House

Usually this time of year a sickness infects the dugouts of major league teams that has symptoms that includes heart palpitations, headaches, muscle fatigue, stomach cramps and sleep apnea. It’s easily diagnosed by the teams trainers as a case of “Pennant Fever”. But for two Royals players, pennant fever isn’t the problem, it’s chicken pox. […]

Bigger than a Bread Basket but Smaller than the US Deficit… But Not by Much

300,000,000. No, that’s not the scoring inning by inning of a recent Dodgers game. 300,000,000 or $300,000,000 or rather 300 MILLION DOLLARS or to be precise: 307,421, 594 MILLION dollars which is the current salary total of the Los Angeles Dodgers. And what has that 307 million gotten them? 72 wins in 2015. Now, Los Angeles’ players budget pales […]