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Top Hitters by Pitch Type in 2014


Coming into play Thursday, here are the top qualifying hitters by pitch type this season:  

Chris Carter’s big summer

chris carter astros

In recent seasons the Astros have not had a whole lot to get exited about. The emergence of the great Jose Altuve seems to have overshadowed most stories out of Houston. However, a 6’4 power hitter by the name of Chris Carter has stepped out of the shadow to make a name for himself as […]

Red Sox farming for 2015 rotation

Henry Owens

With Jon Lester‘s return to the Red Sox unlikely and Clay Buchholz‘s future a certain uncertainty, it appears that the 2013 World Champion pitching rotation will be nothing but a memory going into the 2015 season. Having said that, there are several ways in which a franchise can go about rebuilding a staff. All of them require […]

Alburquerque, Joba, Soria, Verlander…Who should close for the Tigers?

justin verlander

It is no secret that Justin Verlander has been a shadow of his former self this season. After signing one of the biggest contracts in the history of the game, perhaps it was going to be impossible to live up to the expectations of both the fans and front office. With a 4.82 ERA through […]

Rare pitching figures from Thursday’s games

Matt Shoemaker

Your browser does not support iframes. The secret has been out for a while, offense is down and pitching is up. This was as evident as ever last night as five of the nine games played ended in a shutout. Here are some interesting figures relating to the dominance of last night’s pitching… Matt Shoemaker […]

Carl Crawford is turning it around

carl crawford

In limited play thus far, Carl Crawford has come out to one of the worst statistical seasons of his 12-year career. Coming into August, Crawford was hitting with an abysmal .239/.276/.350 slashline through 210 plate appearances. Despite starting off 2014 with a miserable April, batting .191/.222/.297, Crawford bounced back with a very solid May hitting with […]

Denard Span: Best leadoff man in baseball?

Denard Span

Nationals’ center fielder, Denard Span, now in his 7th major league season could finally be blooming to All-Star levels. Having never made an All-Star team or come close to winning any post-season awards, Span has proven himself to be a serviceable starter at the Major League level. However, with 100 doubles and 63 stolen bases […]

How traded players are doing with their new teams


It’s been two weeks since the trade deadline, here’s what the dealt players have put up with their new teams: Jon Lester Athletics: 3 G (3-0),  21.3 IP,  2.49 ERA,  1.062 WHIP,  4.00 K/BB Red Sox: 21 G (10-7),  143 IP,  2.52 ERA,  1.119 WHIP,  4.66 K/BB Jonny Gomes Athletics: 16 PA,  .286/.313/.286,  0 HR, […]

Prospect Check-In: Kris Bryant, most home runs in baseball

kris bryant

Since being drafted by the Cubs with the second overall pick in the 2013 Amateur Draft, Kris Bryant has proven himself to be about as far away from a bust as possible. After a 2013 season that saw him reach as high as A+ ball, Bryant had put together a slashline of .336/.390/.688 with 9 […]

Jackie Bradley Jr. is on a historically bad run

jackie bradley jr.

Jackie Bradley Jr. broke out in spring training back in 2013 with a .419/.507/.613 slashline and would start the regular season with the varsity squad. However the 2013 season would see Bradley up but mostly down between Boston and Pawtucket as he struggled with a measly .189 batting average through 107 Major League plate appearances. With another shot […]