Thank You: A farewell to Gammons Daily

I cannot duly express my appreciation for those who followed Gammons Daily. It was fun for me, allowed me to express what was on my mind, and the site was extraordinarily managed by Rafe Anderson and Cory DiBenedetto. But now the opportunity to join and write for The Athletic, rejoining some of my longtime friends […]

Peter Gammons: Sunshine State of mind

FORT MYERS, Fla.—In a state with every franchise imaginable, the managers of the baseball franchises never complain. Don Mattingly is not only one of the great persons on the planet, but he managed a team whose pitching was dreadful allowing 822 runs, yet finished second in the National League East. Now, with his three all-star […]

Video: Peter from Astros Spring Training

Peter joins Hot Stove to discuss the future of the Astros and Marlins heading into the 2018 season…. Peter talks with Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole on MLB Tonight about 2018 and Cole joining the rotation….

Video: Peter joins Rich Eisen to discuss Hall of Fame and Tom Brady, the baseball player

Video: Peter on his 2018 Hall of Fame ballot

Peter Gammons joins Christopher Russo on High Heat to discuss his 2018 Hall of Fame ballot…

Video: Peter from Orlando, Royals in rebuilding mode?

Peter Gammons: Hall of Fame issues, Shohei Otani, Stanton, Yawkee Way, and more

Joe Morgan was slow to accept analytics, I get it. He was traditional, and he became the whipping boy for every new waver who wanted us to know they were smarter than any of us, like the guy who wrote he hoped Felix Hernandez would lose games because it would prove how insane traditional thinkers […]

Peter Gammons: MVP’s, Cy’s, Otani, Swihart, the Orioles, and more November notes

In March, 2007, Al Pedrique was a scout in the Houston organization, managing in Venezuela, and he called GM Tim Purpora and told him this 5-foot-5 kid came in for a tryout and that he loved him, so much that while he’d sign for $5,000, he wanted to give him $15,000 not only because he […]

Peter Gammons: Red Sox make a seismic shift with manager Alex Cora

LOS ANGELES—Alex Cora is who the Red Sox wanted from the beginning, knowing that once the Astros ended another New England baseball season two weeks ago that they would have to wait until the end of Houston’s run before they could have a show-and-tell presentation at Fenway Park. Knowing that if they waited the Nationals […]

Peter Gammons: Moving on from the anticipated departure of John Farrell

Right after one of the network pregame shows Saturday, a current manager called. “I listened to Joe Girardi and John Farrell being bashed by talk show and ex-player guys,” he said, heatedly, “people who have never managed, don’t know about 30 second replay times, dealing with players and the media and they wonder why there […]