2013 attendance figures

Former Montreal Expos owner and President Claude Brochu would tell you that it is great for a franchise to win championships, but it is far more important to get fans to attend the games. It might seem easy for a big city like Los Angeles to spit out 45,000 fans a game with a star studded […]

The cost of a MVP

Here is a list of all the AL and NL MVP’s since 2008 and what they are expected to make over the next five years.  Let’s see who is getting a deal on their MVP…  MVP 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 5 Year Total  Justin Verlander (2011)  $20,000,000  $28,000,000  $28,000,000  $28,000,000  $28,000,000  $132,000,000  Albert Pujols […]

MLB’s top fastball hitters

The sortable table below displays batter performance across MLB when facing pitches of 95+ MPH. By default we are sorting by OPS but you can click on any column to see the best and worst across MLB. Hitting the Heat: Pitch Speed of 95+ P AVG OBP SLUG OPS K% Miss% 1. Allen Craig (STL) […]

Dodgers Zack Greinke earns Silver Slugger Award

In addition to his impressive work on the mound Zack Greinke exhibited some great skills at the plate in 2013. In fact his performance earned him a National League Silver Slugger award. Today’s ScoreBig stat is focused on the best hitting pitchers in the NL. The sortable table below includes pitchers that had a minimum […]

MLB’s 10 Best and Worst Catchers: Framing strikes outside the zone

Catchers play a vital role in the success of a team and the pitcher on the mound. One noticeable skill is a catcher’s ability to frame pitches that happen to be outside the strike zone. While such calls can be umpire dependent, catchers still play a role in getting the call when it’s needed most. […]

Pitches per Plate Appearance

It may surprise you to learn that no batter has seen more pitches than the Cardinals’ David Freese in the first five games of this World Series. Granted, Freese has not had the kind of Series that he had in 2011 when he was the Series MVP, but at least he has worked the count […]

Adam Wainwright vs. Boston in Game 1

The Cardinals need a better game from their ace Adam Wainwright in Game 5 than they got from him in Game 1 if they don’t want to go back to Boston needing two wins. In Game 1 against the Red Sox, Wainwright lasted five innings allowing six hits, five runs (three earned), walking one and […]

Adam Wainwright, Red Sox: Statistical match up

Game one starter, Adam Wainwright will face a Red Sox line up for the first time in his career.  So with nothing else to go on, we can look to stats on pitch selection and effectiveness by Wainwright and compare them with the Red Sox’ success against such pitches this season… Adam Wainwright Pitch Frequency […]

Regarding pitch counts: Lackey vs. Verlander

With all this talk during the Fox broadcast regarding pitch counts here is a look at how John Lackey and Justin Verlander perform as their pitch counts increases. They both have held opposing batters to a .219 batting average after 100 pitches but Verlander’s home run rate sees a steady increase from 1.4% (1-50 pithches), […]

American League batting postseason splits

The leaderboards below include batters with 5 or more plate appearances based on the applied filter (vs. LHPs, with men on, etc). You may sort the leaderboards by clicking on any column heading. vs. LHPs AVG OPS H K RBI Chas% Miss% PA 1. Jhonny Peralta (DET) .571 1.571 4 0 1 20.0% 21.4% 7 […]