Gammons Daily Leaderboards: Consecutive perfect innings in 2013

In light of the great performance we are witnessing in Game 5 of the ALDS by Justin Verlander we wanted to share two 2013 leaderboards. These two leaderboards show pitchers in 2013 with the most consecutive perfect innings in a game as well as the most consecutive no hit innings in a game. Most Perfect […]

Clayton Kershaw: Getting it done

In light of Clayton Kershaw’s performance so far tonight we thought we’d take a close look at his dominance in 2013. Clayton Kershaw only gave up 2 home runs with men on base during the 2013 regular season. No one in Major League Baseball gave up fewer home runs with men on in 2013. Keep […]

MLB: Wins aren’t for sale in 2013

Now that the regular season has concluded we can compile the owners’ favorite stat, Cost Per Win.  Below you will find a list of every MLB team’s payroll divided by their total number of regular season wins.  If you take away Houston and Miami, who to be fair shouldn’t even qualify for this list, the […]

Team Pitching with a lead; Pirates lead the way

While we often emphasize the value of clutch hitting and pitching there is certainly great value in maintaining focus and executing when your team has secured a lead. When they have a lead, the Pirates pitching staff is holding opposing batters to a .216 batting average (best in the majors). In fact seven of the […]

Punch in the gut strikeouts

Nothing draws the ire of players, managers and fans more than a batter striking out with runners in scoring position. In 2013 [tweetable]J.P. Arencibia (37.6%), Chris Carter (37.5%) and Adam Dunn (35.8%) lead the majors with the highest strikeout rates[/tweetable] with runners in scoring position. Here is a look at the top ten batter strikeout […]

Streaking in MLB: Denard Span Leads the Way

Denard Span enters tonight’s game versus the Marlins one game shy of Ryan Zimmerman’s consecutive game hit streak of 30 (2009). Here’s a look at Denard Span’s success at the plate prior to his 29 game hitting streak (Opening Day to August 16th) versus the success he has experienced during his streak (August 17th to […]

HR Leaders vs. Lefties and Righties

Today we’re taking a look at MLB’s home run leaders (by league). The interactive scatter charts below show home run leaders vs. lefties and righties.

Patience Leading to Runs

The interactive scatter chart below (mouseover a team logo) represents the relationship between the number of pitches each MLB club has seen so far this year along with the club’s total number of runs scored. MLB Club Leaders: Pitches Per Plate Appearance G PA P P/PA TB Runs AVG OPS Minnesota Twins (MIN) 149 5715 […]

MLB’s Top Second Half Starters

Here is a look at the best pitchers in MLB since the All Star break. Each table is sorted by ERA. AL Second Half Starters (sorted by ERA) G ERA WHIP IP/G AVG OPS K/BB K/9 BB/9 HR/9 Ubaldo Jimenez (CLE) 10 1.83 1.188 6.40 .224 .632 3.09 9.98 3.23 0.42 Anibal Sanchez (DET) 11 […]

Through the Years: Rivera vs. the Red Sox

Tonight’s game at Fenway Park could be the last night Mariano Rivera has a chance to face the Red Sox. Let’s take a quick look at Rivera’s performance versus the Red Sox over the past six years. Mariano Rivera vs. Boston Red Sox (since 2008) Year G BF AVG WHIP ERA H 2B HR BB […]