Cleveland Averaging Low Attendance Rate

Indians progressive field

With two weeks to play, there are four teams averaging fewer than 20,000 per game: Tampa Bay 18,724, Miami 19,321, Cleveland 19,435 and Houston 19,595. There are five individual franchises that average more than the combined averages of the two Florida teams.

    “Everyone talks about the plight of Tampa Bay and Oakland, but the franchise that I worry about is Cleveland,” says one GM. “Chris (Antonetti) and Mark (Shapiro) did a great job putting together a team that could well end up in the playoffs. Ownership spent money. Terry Francona has given them credibility and great leadership. But can the Indians survive? It’s a difficult question for Major League Baseball.”


  1. As an Indians fan (and one who still attended usual 5-6 games this season), the concern about the attendance is somewhat surprising. Traditionally, when the Indians appear to be competitive, they get the fans attending. When they are not, the die-hard fans provide the 1.3-1.6 million per season.

    This season, after the past two seasons of big late season collapses (following abysmal seasons), the fans were more “wait and see” if this team really was competitive. Several times, as they were playing well, attendance started to increase, then a 7,8,9 game losing streak (usually involving the Tigers) took the wind out of our sales. The casual fan just said it was same as past couple years, and started tuning out.

    To the players credit, they keep playing, and playing (mostly) well, and the die-hard fans are really appreciative of this team. We hope they will get a good final weekend coming up, and hopefully even better post-season. I’ll be there to cheer them on!