CPBL Umpire Grabs Manager by the Throat

So you say that umpires in Major League Baseball are bad, do you? That they are out of control and constantly provoking arguments so that they can get sufficient face time? Well, feast your eyes on this:

Even if you are not overly familiar with when or how or why a balk is called, you should know that a pitcher must come to rest before delivering a pitch. If you need more information on the “balk,” here is your reading assignment.

So, pitcher doesn’t come to rest before throwing a pitch. Umpire calls a balk (right call). Pitcher doesn’t know what he did wrong. Manager comes out to argue. This is all routine no matter where you are enjoying baseball. Japan, Taiwan, America, the outer ring of Saturn, some things are a guarantee. But this whole fracas goes into MMA overdrive when rule number one of “no touching” is violated.

After the manager gets run from the game for continuing his argument, he proceeds to bump the umpire. Don’t do that. Not even a little bit. Umpire’s hate that just as much as you hate that when some random guy at the mall wants to prove his toughness by knocking you back a couple inches with his barrel chest. But how the umpire responds, is inexcusable.

Instead of walking away or continuing the argument as per the normal baseball way, the umpire grabs the manager of the EDA Rhinos by the throat. This is, needless to say, way way way out of line. Bump back, kick dirt, do the Funky Chicken Dance, whatever. Do not grab someone by the throat. What was an argument turned into a baseball diamond divided with the home plate umpire getting as far away as he could from the crowd around home plate. He’s not in Brazil, but he may have been spooked by this.

I am not a fan of Joe West or Angel Hernandez. If you are Minnesota Twins fan, and continue to hold a grudge against Phil Cuzzi because of fair ball called foul in the 2009 ALDS, I completely understand. But when you say that “MLB umpires are out of control,” here is a little bit of perspective for you. Bob Davidson may get right in Charlie Manuel‘s face and let the F-Bombs fly, but under no circumstance would he ever put his hands on him.