Daniel Bard touching 96 MPH in Jupiter

Daniel Bard’s new delivery with 96 mph gas as he preps for spring training in Cardinals system…


  1. GhostOfFenway says:

    Happy to see he is still giving it a go, always had an arm, velocity never seemed to be the problem though. But maybe he has found some “new stuff” and can sit at 93-95 with more control and a still devastating change up. Idk though, if i had to put money on it, i would say he is still probably done.

    • hey, when a guy is throwing 96 with a 85 change, you give the man a look. When its a guy with big league experience, you start breaking out the check book.

      • Chris Brand says:

        And when the guy is only 31… if he can turn it around, he could have 3-7 (who knows) years left in the game, especially when you consider how little he has thrown between the ages of 27-31… could be something here.

  2. Lets not get carried away. Pretty sure the mental makeup is going to get in the way.

  3. Joseph Kaiser says:

    Remember, he was the one who begged the RedSox to let him try being a starter. He was not pushed into it. But hope he does well.