Ellsbury not likely to join Giants

jacoby ellsbury giants

Orlando — The Giants have been one of the many teams thrown out as a contender for Jacoby Ellsbury and Scott Boras’ $145M proposition. Not happening. Brian Sabean isn’t likely to surrender the 14th pick in the draft, and with a lack of power on the Giants isn’t going to pay that kind of money for a player over 30 who has hit double figure homers once.

In fact, while the Giants are looking for two starting pitchers, Sabean indicates that while there are American League teams (like Boston) who have inquired on Pablo Sandoval as a first baseman and he is a free agent at the end of the 2014 season, he doesn’t think he’ll trade him. “We need his bat,” says Sabean.


  1. I think Ellsbury would be a great fit in AT&T. Speed works better than power there. But not at Ellsbury’s (i.e., Boras’s) asking price. I am not so sure another team will pay that much either. The loss of the draft pick would not be so bad if Ellsbury becomes a Giant for several years. I agree with Sabean about Sandoval.

  2. $145 MM for how many seasons?