Game 5 NLDS Predictions; Pirates vs. Cardinals


Some notable predictions for game 5 of the NLDS between the Cardinals and the Pirates:

“Cardinals 4-2. As great as Gerrit Cole is going to be — and, in many senses, already is — I have trouble betting against Adam Wainwright vs. anyone not named Kershaw. Which would make for one fun NLCS.”

— Jeff Passan (@jeffpassan) of Yahoo! Sports


“Considering that Adam Wainwright’s starting for the Cardinals and the Pirates are generally bereft of good left-handed hitters, I like St. Louis to win unless Pedro Alvarez comes up with another big hit.”

— Rob Neyer (@robneyer) of


“Gerrit Cole and Adam Wainwright own very similar batted ball profiles, low fly ball percentage and low home run percentages on fly balls. With good strikeout rates, it’s difficult to string long sequences of hits against them. I suspect the game will be low scoring and decided by the bullpens. In that case, I’ll give Pittsburgh the advantage by a hair, 51% to 49%. Toss a coin and enjoy a great game.”

— David Pinto (@statsguru) of


“Gerrit Cole is a rising star, big arm and great alteration in his delivery with his Dave Stieb slider. But Adam Wainwright is special, the Chris Carpenter clone you cannot bet against. So, Cards.”

— Peter Gammmons (@pgammo) of the MLB Network and


“I hope Pittsburgh wins behind the Amherst educated leadership of Neal Huntington and Dave Jauss but Adam Wainwright is a serious challenge.”

— Dan Duquette (@danduquette), Baltimore Orioles EVP Baseball Operations


“For me, as a fan, October baseball is where emotion boxes out reason, and I have no choice but to get behind Pittsburgh 100 percent tonight. I’m a Clint Hurdle guy, I’m a sucker for the franchise that builds a winner, no matter how long it takes and how much patience is required, and I’m one of those children of the 70’s who believes baseball is better when the Pirates are good.

Plus, as far as St. Louis is concerned, Game Six in 2011 . . . I’m not able to elaborate.

After what Gerrit Cole did to Texas a month ago today — probably the best start of his life in what was a 1-0 win over Yu Darvish and the Rangers — I’m feeling pretty good about throwing all my adrenaline behind the Bucco’s tonight.”

— Jamey Newberg (@NewbergReport) of the Newberg Report.


I like the Cardinals, and I mean that with absolutely no disrespect to the Pirates. Maybe Cole’s talent will prevail – it wouldn’t shock me – but if I had to bet, I would bet on Wainwright and the team that has been there so many times before.

–Ken Rosenthal (@ken_rosenthal) of Fox Sports.


Cards 3, Pirates 1. Picking a single game between two evenly matched teams is impossible, but give me the better starter — Adam Wainwright is an ace, Gerrit Cole is on an ace path — the better lineup and the bullpen more likely to miss bats late in the game.

— Joe Sheehan (@joe_sheehanof Sports Illustrated