GMs Facing Uncertain Futures

Jerry DiPoto

We have long seen how flighty owners can be. Arte Moreno poured $365M into Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton, ignored pitching and rejected trades, and now general manager Jerry DiPoto’s job hangs in the balance—even though the Angels have won 10 of their last 15 games.

Milwaukee’s Mark Attanasio, trying to do right by the fans of Milwaukee, overruled his baseball people and gave Kyle Lohse $31.95M for three years; the Brewers lost their first round draft pick, and now are 20 games under .500.

There now seem to be four general managers wondering about where they’ll be in 2014: DiPoto; Seattle’s Jack Zduriencik, who despite words of support is faced with four losing seasons and total of 30,000 fans this week watching a sweep by the Houston Astros. The Mariners are on the brink of having a terrific corps of young pitchers—starting with Taijuan Walker, James Paxton and, if he gets healthy, Danny Hultzen—behind Felix Hernandez.

But when you’re nearing the Ides of September and your attendance trails the Oakland Athletics, there are concerns. And while they have some good young players and money to spend, with only Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma signed for 2014, this is not the off-season to be adding righthanded bats, especially out of the free agent market and into Safeco.

Miami’s Larry Beinfest is one of the most respected GMs in the game, but since 2009, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has whimsically run everything. Loria seemed intent on making Dan Jennings his GM last fall, then backed off, and may still, as Beinfest has two years remaining on his contract. And, in Denver, there is question about Dan O’Dowd’s future, as no one has ever figured why this team is always so bad on the road, this season 23 games under .500. O’Dowd has been a loyal soldier, is a creative thinker and tireless worker, but no one has ever figured out how to win playing in Denver.


  1. Jack Z shouldn’t have to pay for his lousy owners not giving him the tools to hire serviceable players in FA’s- Howard Lincoln as the representative of Nintendo, and his stupid sidekick, Chuck Armstrong, the Idiot of all Baseball, they are the F… Idiots that have had their hand at the tiller of this organization for over 15 years-

    It is not too hard to connect the dots, on who is the stupid ones, and the ones who have drafted the talent that is just now emerging from the farm for the Mariners.

    Let the facts speak for themselves.

    Fire the TWO CLOWNS.