Guerrero to Dodgers and Cuban Players in Miami

Fernandez in Miami

Back in June, the Dodgers asked the Phillies about the availability of Chase Utley, their longterm preference at second base. But Philadelphia made it clear they planned to get Utley signed longterm, so L.A. then turned their attention not to Robinson Cano as a free agent, but Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero, and let other teams know that was their intent. This week, they got Guerrero signed for $30M, he will be their future second baseman, and where Cano can get a longterm, $30M deal isn’t clear, especially since Randy Levine has made it clear they’re not going to be prisoners to anther ARod kind of deal.

What seems odd is why the Marlins haven’t jumped in on some of the Cuban refugees, like Yoenis Cespedes, Jorge Soler, Yasiel Puig or Guerrero. Miami averaged more than 25,000 for Puig and the Dodgers. They are close to 20,000 for Fernandez’s last ten home starts.


  1. Pete that means that the Marlins would have to spend money on players, which is anathema to their “winning” strategy.