MLB Impact: Centerfield Arms

Watching the Orioles run on Coco Crisp’s arm this past weekend is a reminder that the lack of an arm for a center fielder can be an issue. “You just don’t see many center fielders who can throw,” says one general manager.

I asked one National League scouting evaluator to name center fielders in that league who have above average-to-good arms. He Listed Carlos Gomzez of the Brewers, Juan Lagares of the Mets, Matt Kemp of the Dodgers, Choo of the Reds, Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates and Upton of the Braves.

I asked the same question of an American League advance scout. He listed Adam Jones of the Orioles, Austin Jackson of the Tigers and, while he hasn’t played a full season, Aaron Hicks of the Twins.

Baseball Info Solutions lists the center field leaders in Runs Saved via their arms:

Adam Jones, 10

Matt Kemp, 10

Carlos Gomez, 9

Juan Lagares, 9

Rick Ankiel, 8


  1. Alan Beam says:

    While he’s not a full-time centerfielder, Leonys Martin of the Rangers has a cannon for an arm. I’d be interested to see his Runs Saved stat.

  2. Leonys Martin threw out 5 runners in 6 games earlier this year

  3. Won’t be long before scouts kick off their lists, at least in the AL, with Leonys Martin.