More thoughts on the Boston Globe Sale

There is more than irony in the fact that Fenway Park was built in 1912 by a real estate development group headed by Boston Globe owner John I. Taylor, with the help of his father Charles H. Taylor. John I went out and acquired several players, including Harry Hooper, and they won the world series in 1912.

Now the Globe has, in turn, been purchased by John Henry, the Red Sox owner and head of an ownership group that renovated Fenway Park and won a world series in their third year.

  • Whit Porter

    NESN and now the Globe. Anyone else uneasy over Henry’s considerable – and now growing – control over what gets written, said and seen of and about the Red Sox? There used to be laws preventing monopolization of media in a given market.

    • Kevin Doyle

      HAHA, Whit Porter. That’s funny. As if I am really concerned that the Globe reporters and/or editorial team may no longer provide “objective” coverage of the Red Sox. Indeed, it may turn out just the opposite. On the other hand, I worry more about the monopolization of media by those with political agendas….i.e. Rupert Murdock and Clear Channel, etc in many markets across the U.S.