Peavy Rediscovering His Delivery

Peavy rediscovers pitching motion

The immediate issue after Jake Peavy was hit by a line drive Thursday night in Tampa was his health. He called it “a glancing blow,” took a day off from playing guitar and thinks he’ll be fine.

But the long-term impact of the trip to Tampa is that Peavy thinks he rediscovered his delivery, with the help of Pedro Martinez. “Pedro asked me why I was so far up on top in my delivery,” says Peavy. “I think it was the result of having some shoulder problems, I guess. But he told me he remembered when I was throwing from a lower angle, sidewheeling. I tried it and it felt really good.”

“I thought Thursday I had the best stuff I’ve had in awhile, swing and miss stuff, flying out of my hand.” San Diego’s highly-respected pitching coach Darren Balsley even called Peavy after seeing him on television.

“I think this is going to play really well for me,” said Peavy. “I hope I can really help this team.”

Jake Peavy found out what Jason Varitek has always said: ”Petey (Martinez) sees things no one else sees.”


  1. dwightevansfan says:

    If Peavy can keep his good stuff, a rotation of Buchholz, Peavy and Lester will be very hard to beat in the playoffs.