Peter Gammons: Big money free agents not delivering championships

Albert Pujols

At this time of year, every breathless report of a team’s interest in a name free agent is treated as franchise-altering. Just in case you’re scoring along, in the last five off-seasons, nine players have switched teams for contracts of more than $90M. None have won a World Series ring with his new team. Matt Holliday signed a $120M free agent deal with the Cardinals and he won a ring in 2011, but Holliday had been traded to St. Louis from Oakland and re-signed.

In that time period, there have been 35 players on the annual off-season top ten free agent contract list that switched teams. One, Shane Victorino with Boston, has a World Series ring.


  1. Matt Holliday and the Cardinals won in 2011, not 2010.