Peter Gammons: Ethier-Kinsler trade makes sense for Dodgers

Andre Ethier

Luis Sardinas obviously is not the only trade chip in the Rangers’ search for power. There have been a lot of rumors concerning retooling the offense that dropped to 7th in the league in runs—in a hitter-friendly ballpark. One rumor that keeps cropping up is for the Rangers to send Ian Kinsler to the Dodgers for Andre Ethier. Kinsler makes a lot of sense for L.A., as he could play third, he could play some second if Cuban Alexander Guerrero doesn’t pan out, he could even play some left field. Arlington could be a great park for Ethier, but that could calm their talk about Shin-Soo Choo, since neither has had much success against lefthanded pitching; Ethier hit .221 against lefties, Choo .215 with a miniscule .264 slugging percentage.


  1. Nick Athas says:

    Sorry to disagree, but this trade wouldn’t make much sense. Their stats are similar–Ethier a slightly higher BA .288 to 273. But Kinsler averages 26 SB-yr Ethier less than 4 SB. Also Ethier is owed 82.5 mil through 2017, Kinsler 70 mil. Ethier wouldn’t be an upgrade over KInsler. Although they are close in ability & performance, I would prefer Kinsler. Besides the Rangers need to add a right handed bat. This swap would take another righty out of the lineup. Rather than make this trade, just go ahead & move Kinsler to LF, & use the 12.5 mil to help you somewhere else.