Peter Gammons: Giancarlo Stanton’s historic season

giancarlo stanton marlins II

So I hear arguments about the National League MVP, and I get the Clayton Kershaw case, even if he started late because of a spring training injury.

But any other position player other than Giancarlo Stanton? Please. Do not be silly. He leads the National League in WAR, XBH, HR, RBIs, Runs Produced, bases on balls, OBP, slugging, OPS+. Total Bases, Runs Created.

How many other players have led their leagues in all those categories?

Mike Schmidt, 1981

Ted Williams, 1942, 1947, 1949

Babe Ruth, 1921.

If he finishes the season leading in all these categories, he should win, no matter what. The Phish are at .500, respectable, and Stanton is historic. Without him, the Marlins would be in Yeehaw Junction


  1. After moving to Florida last year & having a choice of nightly baseball, other than the Sox on MLB, I started watching the Marlins specifically because of Stanton. The guy is an animal! Just when you begin to think he’s human, BOOM! I hope selfishly, that the Red Sox package up a bundle of their prospects to try to get this guy, but regardless, he’s someone you’d watch wherever he played. If he isn’t the MVP, its a sham.

    • The NL MuVP has to be either Giancarlo Stanton or Clayton Kershaw. I’m leaning towards Stanton since I don’t favor giving the MVP to a pitcher even though it isn’t against the rules and I would understand if it did go to Clayton Kershaw

  2. John Finn Jr says:

    I heard somebody say “Why not give them an offer that they can’t refuse for Stanton and the injured kefty Jose Fernandez ?” and I agree, give them an offer they can’t refuse. Giv them whatever they need and then some.

  3. EddieD_Boston says:

    The only question I have about Stanton is can he play under a bigger microscope? So many have not done well in Boston you’d have to consider that if you’re going to overpay with prospects. But the fact he’s done it in the Bigs, as opposed to a prospect who hasn’t, is mouth watering. Being 54 I’ve seen so many can’t miss prospects never last in the majors, I can think of a dozen who didn’t pan out. So prospects are never worth what you’d assume. Stanton could end up in the HOF and is a once-in-a-lifetime talent. I say go get him. As a life long season ticketholder I’d love for the Sox to make a deal for him.