Hamilton, Vazquez return from winter ball in Puerto Rico

billy hamilton

Reds speedster Billy Hamilton left the Puerto Rican League and returned home with a .284 on base. “He’s still a little overmatched,” says one scout, while one club likens him to Dee Gordon.

“It’s very hard to take much from winter ball,” says one Red Sox executive who says he has no worries about catcher Christian Vazquez hitting in Puerto Rico. “These guys often are dead tired after long seasons. They really just want to get ready for spring training. We have a pretty good idea what Vazquez is and can be. What he does in winter ball doesn’t mean much of anything.”

One disappointing note: Daniel Bard went home at Thanksgiving from Caguas, where his three outing line read 0.1  0 8 7 9 0. “He’s come back from this issue before,” says one Cubs official, “and he can come back again. We’re not giving up on him.”