Peter Gammons: Prospects shine in Arizona Fall League

kris bryant

Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant playing in the Arizona Fall League.


Orlando — Third base has been a down position in the last decade, but the Arizona Fall League had some outstanding prospects. One is the Dodgers’ Corey Seager, who one scout says will be a gold glove third baseman, and who is a player the Rays will seek if and when there are David Price discussions.

Another is Boston’s Garin Cecchini. “He’s got great plate discipline and hitting instinct,” says one scout, “he’s got sneaky power, he’s a solid defender and an above-average baserunner. I really like him.”

And the comp on Kris Bryant, taken by the Cubs with the second pick last June, is Troy Glaus-plus. That is a high comp. Scouts watching the Cubs’ Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler think he will be a Rick Renteria project. Bigtime power, low energy, contact and average to be determined.

Speaking of the Arizona Fall League, the Cardinals continue to strike, with two more very good outfield prospects. Florida State’s James Ramsey has had a big fall, and right fielder Stephen Piscotty has as well. Piscotty has a .402 on base and .902 OPS and both are projected as everyday major leaguers. “College players without big profiles who can play,” says one scout.


  1. dieharddodgerfan says:

    Peter, first off, always have respected your work. You are a great baseball writer and I am definitely an admirer of your work.

    Secondly, I wouldn’t assume Seager will move to 3B, at least initially, anyways.

    It seems like the plan for him is to eventually play SS in the big leagues and have Hanley play 3B. My guess is the Dodgers will extend Hanley, but let him know they would eventually like to shift him to 3B.

    With that said, I don’t see how the Dodgers can trade Seager for Price. I like Price a lot, but if the price (no pun intended) is Seager, then I’d pass if I was the Dodgers.

  2. John Levasseur says:

    Cecchini is an interesting chip for the sox to pay with. He turned some heads this season and he is carrying it on in the AFL. He could be a factor in a trade for an experienced CF (they aren’t going to move Victorino from RF) or another power arm for the bullpen. I think Workman ends up in the rotation next year and either Lackey or Dempster traded. St Louis has a helluva farm system with lots of ready prospects but the Sox are not very far behind.

    • Andre Mayer says:

      Don’t Cecchini ‘s minor league numbers look a bit too much like Jeff Bagwell’s to let us be comfortable about trading him for a reliever?

  3. Middlebrooks has had to fight off Xander and Iglesias already and now Cecchini. Too bad it looks like Farrell has lost confidence in him but I think he will be the one to be traded.