Peter Gammons: Wade Boggs’ Career at Fenway Park

Wade Boggs 1

The point isn’t that it took so long for Wade Boggs’ number to be retired in Fenway, it is that 26 will now be there as long as Fenway.

Hey, the man had to wait seven years in the minors and pass through three Rule V drafts to get to the big leagues, where he posted numbers, won gold gloves and was such a great hitter that Ray Miller once said “Boggs gets to two strikes, then fouls balls off like he’s sorting through the mail looking for a check until he gets what he wants.”

Here is his place among the greatest Red Sox hitters and what they hit in Fenway over their careers, home or visitor:

Ted Williams .361/.496/.652/1.148

Fred Lynn .347/.420/.601/1.021

Wade Boggs .369/.464/.527/.991

David Ortiz .308/.405/.580/.985

Jim Rice .320/.374/.546/.920

Carl Yastrzemski .306/.402/.503/.904