Sabermetics with Lee Sinis

Sabermetrician Lee Sinins, whose online sabermetric encyclopedia is a must, each week sends out his hitting and pitching leaders. Hitters Runs Created are RCAA, Pitchers’ runs saved, RSAA. The leaders, and trailers, on August 25, also known as Chuck Berry’s birthday.

NATIONAL LEAGUE                                                              AMERICAN LEAGUE


Goldschmidt, Ar.      47                                                        Cabrera, Det.           82

Votto, Cinn                46                                                        Trout, LAA                  71

McCutcheon, Pitts    46                                                       Davis, Balt                  67

Wright, NYM              38                                                        Ortiz, Bos                    40

M. Carpenter, StL     37                                                        Beltre, Tex                  39


Kershaw, LAD           39                                                        Scherzer, Det            30

Harvey, NYM             26                                                        Hernandez, Sea       27

Fernandez, Mia        26                                                        Darvish, Tex              67

Wainwright, StL         22                                                        Sanchez, Det            27

Corbin, Ari                 21                                                        Kuroda, NYY             25

Two observations:

1. What exactly did Dave Dombrowski give up for Scherzer and Sanchez?

2. Some will hate Scherzer’s ratings, given some obsessions about the “meaningless” statistic known as wins, as if winning games and being the best pitcher cannot intertwine.