Video: Peter Gammons on Hanley Ramirez’s Walk-off and Yankees’ set back

Peter Gammons joins MLB Central to discuss Hanley Ramirez’s walk-off stunner, the Yankees’ rebuild and A.J. Preller’s suspension…

Peter Gammons: Public opinion casts long shadow over GMs

Six days out from the Trade Deadline, the wake from the S.S. Blue Jays can be seen for miles and miles and miles out across Lake Ontario. They haven’t lost since Troy Tulowitzki and David Price were acquired, averaging six runs a game with Tulowitzki in the lineup, and the sound in the Rogers Centre […]

Peter Gammons: Manager-GM Collaboration; Trade Deadline Ambiguity

The first call came less than an hour after Jerry Dipoto quit as Angels manager, the most recent came Sunday. Essentially, every message was similar to the very first ball, from a general manager who said, “the days of the Mike Scioscia managers are a thing of the past. It’s no longer about the manager, […]

Padres Looking to Ride All-Hit, No Field Lineup to October

Last October, the Kansas City Royals came within a single game of clinching a World Series title thanks in large part to slick glove work. Someone forgot to tell Padres GM A.J. Preller that defense is fashionable, though. Preller’s overriding principle during San Diego’s hyperactive offseason? Load up on right-handed power, fielding be damned. That […]

Peter Gammons: Preller, Padres continue off-season makeover with addition of Shields

It’s not even Lincoln’s birthday, and where some of us live, we can’t even see our neighbors’ house for the snow. Look, everyone is fascinated by the Padres’ winter, something that isn’t uttered too often, and owner Ron Fowler being willing to guarantee one less million to Matt Kemp and James Shields in their mid-thirties […]

Peter Gammons: A Beach Boys Christmas

Sit back and think about where everyone has gone since Madison Bumgarner put away the 2014 season. In the transition season from Bud Selig to Rob Manfred, when after the Kansas City Royals took the World Series to a seventh game as many as three-quarters of the teams will awaken on Christmas morning believing in […]

Newberg: Revered scout leaves Rangers to join Preller in San Diego

“We need Don more than you do.”  So said Jon Daniels, a year into his job and casting an eye toward the 2007 teardown season, to Pat Gillick, the 25-year GM whose well-stocked Phillies were about to embark on a five-year playoff run. Gillick, who had Don Welke with him for 21 of those seasons, […]

MLB Video Highlights: Amarista’s game-saving grab, Padres introduce A.J. Preller

Alexi Amarista makes an incredible game-saving catch in the 9th Yasiel Puig shows off his cannon as he throws out Hank Conger from center field Umpire Laz Diaz dances with the Phillie Phanatic between innings Padres introduce new general manager A.J. Preller Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA attend the Yankees-Tigers game in the […]

Coffee and Clippings: Chris Young may have just 1 week left before Mets pull plug

Mike Puma (@NYPost_Mets) of the NY Post writes that Chris Young may only have one week left before his time with the Mets comes to a close… Chris Young escaped receiving a pink slip earlier this week, but the Mets still may unload the underperforming outfielder. Bobby Abreu was designated for assignment Monday, at which […]