Video: Peter joins the Rich Eisen Show

Peter Gammons joins the Rich Eisen Show to clear up some Bryce Harper rumors, Cubs Comments, and talk Albert Pujols and Aaron Judge…

Sunday MLB Nine to Notes: From the Bill Chuck Files of 1/10/16

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files of 1/10/16 Last season, Boston’s Rusney Castillo banged into 11 double plays in 55 opportunities; over the last three seasons, Colby Rasmus has hit into 11 DPs in 250 opportunities. In 2014, Salvador Perez hit .260 with 70 RBI and one stolen base. In 2015, Perez hit […]

Jorge Soler Succeeding with Sudden Onset Plate Discipline

If quality postseason baseball tickles your fancy, then Monday was sort of like your Christmas in October. In the first game of yesterday’s dramatic quadruple-header, Ned Yost’s Royals forced a game five with the Astros by way of a late comeback reminiscent of 2014’s improbable AL Wild Card Game. In game two, Josh Donaldson and company flexed their way to […]

Sunday Nine to Notes: September 20, 2015

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files. 9/20/15 So far, 52 players have at least 20 homers, but Nelson Cruz is the only one without a sac fly. Dee-fense: According to, division leaders team runs saved: Royals + 55, Cardinals +16, Jays +11, Mets +10, Dodgers 0 and Rangers -2 . Todd Frazier hit […]

Nine oddities from the list of 500-home run hitters

The great thing about baseball is that when you look at any list of 27 ballplayers you can find loads of odd numbers amongst their stats. This is certainly true when you look at the 27 sluggers with 500+ homers. Nine to Know: From the 500-homer list Babe Ruth had 113 sac bunts, but two […]

Nine to Notes: From the Bill Chuck Files, Sunday, August 9

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files In June, Chris Sale made six starts and in 44.1 IP he struck out 75, had an ERA of 1.83, and a .176 BAA. In six starts since, Sale has pitched 39.2 innings, struck out 45 with an ERA of 5.22 and a .296 BAA. The Blue […]

Nine to Notes: Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files… Jonathan Papelbon was successful in 88% of his saves opportunities with the Red Sox and 89% with the Phillies. Holy shift! In 2012, in 90 games, David Ortiz grounded out 79 times; this season in 92 games, he grounded out 99 times.* Bartolo Colon leads the majors […]

Nine to Notes from the Bill Chuck Files

Nine to Know: Sunday July 26, 2015 The Yankees record for the most pitchers used in a season is 26, set in 2007 (where have you gone Colter Bean?); the Yanks have used 25 so far this season. Josh Donaldson leads all players in PA without hitting for a seasonal cycle; he’s had 429 PA […]

Around the majors report: Stats report

Lee Sinins is the creator of the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, the most powerful baseball encyclopedia on the market. 1) Yesterday, Rangers DH Prince Fielder set the major league record for HR above the league average for players whose 1st name starts with P and is 2nd for career HR. (Complete Baseball Encyclopedia,) YEAR AGE TRAA […]

Todd Frazier and the elite 20 HR and 20 double club

Twenty homers and twenty doubles is a pretty good season. Last season, there were only 46 players who had these totals by season’s end and there were only 22 that reached the 25/25 mark. This season, five players have already reached the 20-20 mark by the All Star break and just the outstanding Todd Frazier […]