Jamey Newberg: Madness.

I’m mad that we’re at the one-third point of the season and don’t know what this team is. I’m mad we’re already a third of the way through the schedule. I’m mad we’re only a third of the way through the schedule. I’m mad that I care so much, and that wins and losses have […]

Going for it — the Rangers trade for Carlos Beltran, Jonathan Lucroy, and Jeremy Jeffress.

We’ve all pointed to 2007 as the year when the Rangers’ front office philosophy changed — maybe “took shape” is the better way to put it — when one- and five-year plans were put in place to take what had been a flagging franchise, at least in terms of pennant race absence and regular double-digit […]


It seems like when dust from the Trade Deadline tempest settled, the Phillies acquired minions of prospects with uptick that should re-invigorate the franchise within the next few years. Fans may not see the improvement because the they are in a division with other teams that are only going to get better too. Yet, with […]