Peter Gammons: Davis and the Orioles, Hanley Ramirez, and the scout-analytic balance

Who cares if the Chris Davis offer is $161M or $140-something-M in present day value? He is where is he is most wanted, his power plays very big in Camden Yards and the ballparks of the American League East, he can play first base—which he does very well—and we got to watch two master negotiators […]

Peter Gammons: Collaborating with the Light

What is interesting about this fusing of the world of analytics and sabermetrics with the more traditional world of coaches and scouts reared in baseball long before there was a Baseball Savant or Wins Above Replacement or people other than the Branch Rickey School knew about spin rates, is that the man raised in the […]

Are there too many analytical decisions made by people outside the game?

Brian Bannister, former major league pitcher and analytical scholar, is the founder of Loft 19 Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @RealBanny.  I personally believe that numbers in baseball are sometimes treated the same way they are in the business world, which can be a mistake. In business, making decisions can be black or white. For […]

The Red Sox and why plate discipline matters

Thus far headlines related to the 2013 ALCS have been focused on pitchers duels and David Ortiz, but this year’s match up features MLB’s two best regular season offenses. In particular, the Red Sox offense dominated with a league leading 853 runs scored and a league leading .795 team OPS. One thing that stood out […]