Coffee and Clippings: What is Andrew Friedman thinking? He finally tells us

Houston Mitchell (@latimeshouston) of the LA Times on Andrew Friedman and his perception of the direction of the Dodgers… When asked to explain to fans what the Dodgers’ main objective is: “We’re going to do everything we can to compete as quickly as we can, and all the while build up our farm system as […]

Peter Gammons: My 2015 Off-Season Winner

GLENDALE, Arizona—One of the most sustainable ongoing debate topics since midwinter was which team had the best off-season. We all get the argument for the White Sox, with Jeff Samardzija, David Robertson, Adam LaRoche, Melky Cabrera. Or the Padres, getting the power outfield of Matt Kemp, Justin Upton and Wil Myers and adding James Shields […]

L.A. Might Have Landed Gem in Yasmani Grandal

By trading Matt Kemp to the San Diego Padres as part of a five-player deal, the Dodgers’ new regime accomplished more than alleviating an outfield logjam and clearing $75 million in future salary obligations — they might have also acquired one of the game’s precious few catcher who can legitimately rake. Yasmani Grandal fell out […]

Peter Gammons: Dodgers, Cubs Headline Front Office Dream Teams On The Rise

We should grasp Stu Sternberg’s frustrations that are a realistic dilemma, put there on his St. Petersburg island. While a press conference was held yesterday in Montreal promoting the Blue Jays games with the Reds to be played in Montreal next season it turned into a rally to bring the Rays to that great city. […]

Peter Gammons: With Friedman aboard, Dodgers are in good hands

When Ned Colletti was told that the Guggenheim folks and Stan Kasten were headed in another direction, in some ways it was a relief to Colletti. He’d been the Dodger general manager for nine years, with five first place finishes, but Ned was like an air traffic controller at the Beirut Airport. The McCourt years. […]

From Rays to Riches: Andrew Friedman leaves Tampa Bay for Los Angeles

As the news leaked Tuesday afternoon that Andrew Friedman is leaving Tampa Bay for Los Angeles and Alvarado Boulevard and Hollywood, those who knew him so well and so respected his leadership, stability and friendship as his employees seem stunned. “I never thought he’d leave,” said one former Rays scout who moved on for a […]

Peter Gammons: The increasingly high value of MLB prospects

The names sound good. Get Oscar Taveras, Carlos Martinez and Rob Kaminsky from the Cardinals for David Price, as Red Sox fans threw out Jon Lester to the Dodgers for Julio Urias, Joc Pederson and Corey Seager. But for a myriad of reasons, while the historic precedent of what the Mariners got for Randy Johnson in […]

Peter Gammons: Red Sox, Rays faced with deadline dilemma

When Ben Cherington addressed the media in announcing the release of A.J Pierzynski, he turned the mirror on himself. “A.J. is not the reason we’re in last place,” Cherington said. “This is on me, decisions made, decisions not made.” Little more than a month earlier, when the Rays were dead last, Andrew Friedman called in […]

Peter Gammons: As team chemistry grows, Rays positioned for great season

PORT CHARLOTTE—The texts lit up Matt Silverman’s phone before 7 am Wednesday, when Mike Barnicle and Willie Geist asked a guest for a ground hog World Series prediction and the first two words of the answer were “Tampa Bay.” The Rays president knows that February promises won’t get a ballpark built or even a profit […]

Friedman on Matt Moore

Andrew Friedman says “we don’t think Matt Moore’s (elbow) injury is serious. We may have been able to back him off and not put him on the disabled list, but we felt the necessity to be cautious.” Even though Friedman describes being part of the AL East race as “life on a hamster wheel.” Snapshot: […]