Peter Gammons: MVP’s, Cy’s, Otani, Swihart, the Orioles, and more November notes

In March, 2007, Al Pedrique was a scout in the Houston organization, managing in Venezuela, and he called GM Tim Purpora and told him this 5-foot-5 kid came in for a tryout and that he loved him, so much that while he’d sign for $5,000, he wanted to give him $15,000 not only because he […]

Peter Gammons: Cora and Red Sox in search of identity for 2018 and beyond

It wasn’t as if the Red Sox 2017 season was 1965 all over again. They won 93 games and the division for the second year in a row. But even as they tried to battle back against the World Champion Astros in the ALDS, there was something that felt as if the team had some […]

Peter Gammons: Swihart and the Red Sox catching depth chart

Brian Bridges was still an area-crosschecking scout for the Braves in 2010, helping coach the high school Team USA team. He had a particular player he thought was special, a kid out of New Mexico named Blake Swihart. “He would be the shortstop,” Bridges said that summer as the team toured. “But we have a […]

Peter Gammons: Reflections and notes from the Winter Meetings

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.—Slowly, sometimes reluctantly, major league baseball executives are trickling into the Gaylord Hotel—which they will find is larger than Newfoundland– here on the Potomac River. There is a strong sense of relief that Commissioner Rob Manfred reached a deal with Tony Clark and the Players Association, yet most are in freeze-frame because until […]

Peter Gammons: The 2011 MLB Draft, 5 years later

It’s been five years since that draft, which is approximately the time teams should realistically wait before assessing the MLB amateur draft. That 2011 draft was historically good, as Gerrit Cole was the first pick and Jose Fernandez the 15th and they were—and are—prodigies. The first round included Anthony Rendon, Francisco Lindor, George Springer, Sonny […]

Coffee and Clippings: Edmonds tutors Grichuk in center field

Derrick Goold (@dgoold) of the The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Cardinals instructor Jim Edmonds and his work with Randal Grichuk…. The Cardinals’ former All-Star tightened his shoes, walked out to his old haunt, and brought young Randal Grichuk with him. For the past week, the eight-time Gold Glove winner had been talking to Grichuk about […]

Peter Gammons: Filling out the Red Sox rotation, Greinke or not

Now that the qualifying offers have been offered and the free agent auction begins, one man stands alone as the most interesting figure in this market—Zack Greinke. He may win the Cy Young Award, Jake Arrieta may. In the Bill James ranking of starting pitchers for the 2015 season, Greinke ranks second, behind Clayton Kershaw. […]

Coffee and Clippings: The New Kid

Matt Duffy (@mm_duffy) Rookie for the Giants and contributor to the Players’ Tribune gives us a first hand look into the life of a mid-season call-up for the San Francisco Giants… I was 23 and just up from Double-A. Nobody had ever heard of me. But Hunter Pence had just come up to me and said, […]

Nine to Notes: From the Bill Chuck Files, Sunday, August 9

Nine to Know: From the Bill Chuck Files In June, Chris Sale made six starts and in 44.1 IP he struck out 75, had an ERA of 1.83, and a .176 BAA. In six starts since, Sale has pitched 39.2 innings, struck out 45 with an ERA of 5.22 and a .296 BAA. The Blue […]

Around the majors report: News report

Lee Sinins is the creator of the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia, the most powerful baseball encyclopedia on the market. 1) Tigers 1B Miguel Cabrera had to leave yesterday’s game, due to a strained left calf, and appears headed to the DL. YEAR AGE TRAA RCAA FRAA OBA SLG OPS OWP RC/G AVG HR RBI SB G […]