Peter Gammons: Agents, scouts, prospects, changing trends, and the MLB Draft

The Baseball Draft was changed in 2012 because the Commissioner’s Office felt that teams like the Red Sox could use their development revenues to sign players like Anthony Rizzo in later rounds for high round contracts. The idea was to restrict signing pools based on the previous year’s standings and allow losing teams better access […]

Jamey Newberg: Madness.

I’m mad that we’re at the one-third point of the season and don’t know what this team is. I’m mad we’re already a third of the way through the schedule. I’m mad we’re only a third of the way through the schedule. I’m mad that I care so much, and that wins and losses have […]

Peter Gammons: Trade rumors, Hall of Fame, and more notes from July

We are in the crazy time when there is a trade rumor a second. A few things heard: –The Royals have entertained dozens of scouts with the Angels in town. Some were in to look at Hector Santiago and Huston Street, but many others were in to see if Kansas City would seriously talk Wade […]

Gammons Notes: An exceptional season for young players, Brady Aiken, and Pirates

When Byron Buxton and Francisco Lindor made their major league debuts Sunday and Lance McCullers took a no-hitter into the 6th inning in his 5th major league start at the age of 22, it was a reminder that this has been an exceptional season for young players. Some 21 players 22 or younger have made […]

Coffee and Clippings: 10 super surgeons tasked w/ putting MLB’s arms back together

Will Carroll (@injuryexpert) of Bleacher Report talks about the 10 super surgeons in Major League Baseball… This is the All-Star team of sports medicine. After consultation with people around the world of baseball and sports medicine, I’ve compiled a list of 10 “Super Surgeons.” This is my version of this kind of list, and I […]

Peter Gammons: What Derek Jeter means to the game of baseball

Derek Jeter finished taking his ground balls as he always takes them, his feet balanced and positioned, his glove inside his left foot. That is how he prepares. Several years ago, I asked him if he ever fooled around and one-handed a ball in those monotonous minutes that coaches hit ball after ball off their […]

Peter Gammons: Baseball’s Christmas

Bobby Cox was in the fifth draft of a reconstruction of the Braves he knew would take close to eight years after leaving Toronto. He had the first pick in that 1990 draft, and while he may have longed to be back in the dugout he managed to Cooperstown, he was a year from the […]

Peter Gammons: Top of MLB Draft remains uncertain

We all get the risks involved in drafting pitching, risks and uncertainties that go way beyond these high school kids throwing 95-100 who face five times the inevitability of Tommy John Surgery than the guy who makes it to the big leagues at the age of 25. We saw it in the 2011 draft; two […]

Draft Preview: Breakdown of Baseball America’s top 3 pitching prospects

With the 2014 Draft a week away, teams will be looking to cash in on this year’s crop of arms. It seems that this year’s draft is especially rich with pitching talent, as 8 of this year’s top 10 draft prospects according to Baseball America are pitchers. Lets take a look at the top three […]

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Peter Gammons: Memorial Day MLB Draft Notes

Sometimes one asks why they’re so worried about things that go bump in the night. Really, now. Why should a ping pong ball festival get as many viewers as the Major League Baseball Draft, which happens to be a lot of fun? Sure, weeks after the pongs have pinged, the names in the NBA draft […]