Video: The Career of Jeff Bagwell, Written and Narrated by Peter Gammons

The career of Jeff Bagwell written and narrated by Peter Gammons…

Videos: Peter and Co. on Hall of Fame inductees and future hopefuls

Peter joins Jonah Keri and the MLB Tonight crew to spotlight the career of newly elected Hall of Famer Tim Raines… MLB Tonight debates the chances of Edgar Martinez being elected to the Hall of Fame as his vote numbers have enjoyed an upward trend…

Video: More from Peter Gammons at World Series

Peter Gammons joins MLB Tonight to talk about the Cubs’ chances of coming back from a 3-1 series deficit in the World Series… Peter Gammons joins Brian Kenny, Dan Plesac, and Joel Sherman to discuss pitch selection and the intensity of pitches… Curtis Granderson talks about winning the Roberto Clemente Award with Peter Gammons…

The 2015 Fielding Bible Awards Winners

The results of THE 2015 FIELDING BIBLE AWARDS: The most definitive examination of the best fielders in baseball as determined by a preeminent panel of experts. First place votes received 10 points, second place 9 points, third place 8 points, etc. A perfect score was 120. Position Winner Points First Base Paul Goldschmidt 118 Second […]

Video: Peter Gammons and Brian Kenny prior to Game 1

Peter Gammons sits down with Brian Kenny at Kauffman Stadium prior to Game ! of the World Series to talk about Matt Harvey feeling strong, Bartolo Colon having an impact from the bullpen, Lorenzo Cain’s baserunning, and more

There’s plenty to see on Hot Stove TV

Starting on Monday, November 3rd, I’ll be ready to watch the MLB Network’s Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds on Hot Stove for a third season, this year improved by the absence of Mitch Williams. It runs Monday through Friday live for two hours starting at 9 AM and then is immediately rerun at 11 AM […]

Peter Gammons: Panel of experts could be solution to current Hall of Fame system

It is nearly 11 months until we begin submitting Hall of Fame ballots, and while everyone seems to agree there can be a better way than the system we now utilize, stomping our feet and staging “hell, no, we won’t go” protests accomplish little. I get it. I get frustrated when a Ted Simmons or […]

Reaching on error: Should it be part of Mike Trout’s OBP?

My idea of must-see TV includes watching the estimable Brian Kenny on Clubhouse Confidential, the great program on the MLB Network. When Mr. Kenny speaks, I listen, learn, and try to do a little follow-up. Kenny was leading a fascinating discussion comparing the two leading AL MVP candidates: Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout (again). In […]