Peter Gammons: Historic view of the state of the Dodgers

Earlier this week, Joe Sheehan looked at the nine teams that had .700 winning percentages. The two best, the 1906 Cubs (.763) and 1909 Pirates (.724) played more than a century ago, played a far different game, but helped make his point, because the .763 Cubs lost the World Series. In fact, four of the […]

Peter Gammons: Dodgers and Giants primed for another race in 2017

GLENDALE, AR—They seem to have been bolted to one another since the end of World War II. Jackie Robinson, then Monte Irvin, and when the Dodgers tried to trade Jackie to the Giants, he refused. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World. Willie and The Duke. The Giants won in ’54, the Dodgers in ’55, and […]

Peter Gammons: Manfred, MLBPA, Brazil, and more notes from Phoenix

PHOENIX—When Rob Manfred took the Arizona media day to express his frustrations about dealing with the MLB Players Association, it was, in many ways, the Fort Sumter. He explained that pace of game and several other proposals would be postponed for a year “due to a lack of cooperation” from the union, and effectively threatened […]

Video: Peter on Valentine’s Day, Chase Utley, Red Sox and more

Peter Gammons joins Harold and Matt on Hot Stove from Red Sox camp to talk about Valentine’s Day, Chase Utley and more…

Peter Gammons: Chase Utley, Mattingly’s roster decisions, the Mets, and more

Understand, the return of Chase Utley was not a luxury item, a Rodeo Drive trinket. It was, in many ways, Farhan Zaidi and Andrew Friedman’s exercise in baseball democracy. It was clearly peer driven, respect from teammates, young and old, that even with the acquisition of Logan Forsythe—which was universally applauded by the Dodger players—the […]

Peter Gammons: The Hall of Fame ballot

The 2005 Induction ceremony was over, and inductees, friends, guests and well-wishers were winding back to the Otesaga Hotel. Outside the entrance, Bud Selig was on his cell phone, his voice raised in what obviously was a heated discussion. We later learned that Selig was in a discussion about a piece of news that he […]

Peter Gammons: A year’s difference makes all the difference for Rich Hill

When Rich Hill awakened to the morning after his Wednesday Dodger debut, he tried to remember where he was on August 24th last year. “I know I was in Pawtucket,” he says, with no recollection of whether or not he pitched. Which he did not. A year ago Wednesday he probably threw a bullpen in […]

Chase Utley’s Not Dead Yet

The Los Angeles Dodgers recently re-signed Chase Utley, giving the soon-to-be 37-year-old  a one-year, $7 million deal to serve as an infield insurance if (when) Howie Kendrick departs via free agency, youngsters Enrique Hernandez and Jose Peraza prove in need of more seasoning, or Justin Turner takes an extended period of time to recover from […]

Exploring the Data, Effects of Defensive Shifts in 2015 Postseason

Jose Bautista‘s bat flip. Colby Rasmus‘ moonshot. Chase Utley‘s slide-tackle. Kyle Schwarber‘s…Schwarb-bomb. These four things, among countless others, have captivated those who’ve watched Major League Baseball’s 2015 postseason tournament. But for as much attention that’s been deservedly paid to these things as we round the bases toward the NLCS and ALCS, another story-line has swiftly emerged from the depths of playoff […]

Coffee and Clippings: The most hated man in NY can turn Mets’ run into a classic

Ken Davidoff (@KenDavidoff) of the New York Post discusses the Chase Utley narrative as the series reaches a boil… Yes, Utley, at age 36, far closer to the end of his career than the beginning, suddenly finds himself as the most hated man in New York. The term generally doesn’t last long — it could […]