Peter Gammons: The Moncada Phenomenon and its Roots

Your browser does not support iframes.(Start video at 4:30 for Moncada discussion). It was easy to be engaged to the historic love affair between Cubans and baseball in the dozen days leading up to the Orioles visit to Havana in 1999. The playoff games between Las Isla and Industriales, with dancing girls on the dugouts […]

Peter Gammons: It’s Hurricane Season for Free Agents

Trying to reason with the free agent season is, in some ways, like living down on The Keys and trying to reason with the hurricane season. In retrospect, the Red Sox miscalculated the Jon Lester negotiations when they made their $70M offer last spring, if for no other reason that the Homer Bailey deal was […]

Gammons Notes: Rob Manfred, Giancarlo Stanton, recovering in Colorado and Rusney Castillo

There is no question Rob Manfred can be a very good commissioner, as Tim Brosnan would have been, and so would Bob Iger had baseball been willing to look outside their house. Manfred knows where the bodies are buried. He understands some of the issues in the gathering storms between a new union leadership and […]

Video: Peter Gammons on history of Cuban players in MLB

Peter Gammons talks about the history of Cuban players in Major League Baseball.