Cubs Claim Bard Off Waivers

Theo Epstein was the general manager and Jason McLeod the scouting director when Boston took Daniel Bard in the first round of the 2008 draft. So when the Red Sox put Bard and his control problems on waivers, the Cubs claimed him, which means they will bring him to Wrigley this weekend and hope that […]

Blueprint: Developing an MLB Franchise

So August dimmed into September, and when we awoke to the light of the new month, the Pittsburgh Pirates were in first place in the National League Central, off consecutive wins by Francisco Liriano and A.J. Burnett in the seat of the division, St. Louis. And in the city that brought us the Miracle of […]

Can Anthony Rizzo Handle the Heat?

The Chicago Cubs committed at least $41 million and potentially up to $73 million in Anthony Rizzo this past May, ensuring the 24-year-old would slug his way to the upper echelon of first basemen at Wrigley Field. At least, that was the plan. While he hasn’t totally collapsed like fellow franchise cornerstone Starlin Castro, Rizzo has […]

MLB’s Late Night Walks

The following table shows MLB clubs with the highest walk rates in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings thus far this season. 2013 MLB Club Walk Rates Late in the Game P PA K% BB% Swng% Miss% Strk% ClStk% Chicago Cubs (CHC) 5724 1470 18.4% 9.7% 45.3% 23.3% 61.8% 30.2% Cleveland Indians (CLE) 5771 1485 […]

Soriano in Pinstripes

A quick look at Alfonso Soriano since his return to the Yankees on July 26, 2013. The heat maps below represent his slugging percentage based on pitch location. Soriano’s Return to the Bronx G PA AVG SLUG OPS OBP H HR K% Alfonso Soriano (Cubs) 93 383 .254 .467 .754 .287 92 17 23.2% Alfonso […]

A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request

All the Way – Tribute to the Cubs

MLB’s Top 5 Clutch Starting Pitchers

Your team is tied or ahead by a run and they’re runners in scoring position; you need and out – you want a strike out. Are you comfortable leaving your starter on the mound? Here is a look at our top five clutch MLB starting pitchers. In this case we looked at a pitcher’s strike […]

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Theo takes a walk

I asked Theo Epstein what his walkup song would be if he were called out of the stands to pinch hit. His choice– “Take a Walk” by Passion Pit. Theo’s Cubs are 26th in the majors in on base percentage (.302) and 23d in Walks. 2013 Top MLB “Walking” Teams (sorted by BB%) G PA […]

This Year the MLB Draft Worked

No one likes all the elements of the new draft that began last June. Yes, as several rebuilding general managers have observed, it pushes the dollars to the free agent market; hence the larger revenue clubs still control that market. It takes away from clubs’ ability to build from the base up, as well as […]