Peter Gammons: Carl Yastrzemski is the toughest player I’ve ever covered

Yaz is 78 this Tuesday, August 22. I covered him the night Dick Williams was fired in 1969, a kid in his first year at the Boston Globe, right through to that final game in 1983, when Indians pitcher Dan Spillner tried to lay in a BP fastball, missed thrice, Yaz popped it up and later bid adieu by […]

Happy birthday, Michelle Obama (and 50 years ago in baseball)

First Lady Michelle Obama turns 50 today. In honor of the Ms. Obama’s birthday, here are some baseball highlights from 1964 The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Yankees in seven games in the World Series. Following the Series, the Yankees fired manager Yogi Berra and replaced him with Cardinals manager Johnny Keane who had resigned. […]

How does Clayton Kershaw compare to other pitchers at 25 years old?

Clayton Kershaw, who won’t be 26 until March, has won two National League Cy Young Awards, three earned run average titles, and has twice led the league in strikeouts, has become the first pitcher with a $200 million contract. The Dodgers have provided him with a seven-year extension that will pay Kershaw and average of $30.7 […]