Peter Gammons: Dennis Eckersley and what it is to be a teammate

I spent 11 Januaries flying into Cleveland for the Indians Rookie Development Program, and have done many others, from the Yankees to the Red Sox to the Rays. There was always one story I told about what it is to be a teammate, a story about Dennis Eckersley. A lot of those young players to […]

Peter Gammons: For those with trader’s remorse

We are so familiar with prospects we were stunned when Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez went in a trade for Adam Eaton. Never mind that one hybrid scouting and analytics general manager referred to Eaton as “one of the 15 best players in the game” and my personal fondness for Eaton’s game likeness to Ken Linseman, the […]

Baseball’s Cultural Clash Carries on Through October

Most of us get why Jose Bautista aggravates opponents, pitchers, managers, catchers. He watches balls he hits into the mystic as if he’s in the M.O.M.A.. He barks complaints on pitches every pitch he thinks an umpire has missed, which is most of the strikes he has called on him. Bautista is a lightning rod […]

This season’s 55 walkoff homers

We regard any play that permits the winning run to score to classify as a “walkoff” these days, kind of like how any scandal is accorded the suffix “-gate.” But the walkoffs that are both cherished and despised, and originally named by the great Dennis Eckersley, are the walkoff homers. There have been 55 of […]

The Yostseason continues as the Royals head to the Series

With Kansas City manager Ned Yost becoming the first skipper in history to start his postseason career with eight consecutive victories, and everybody writing so much about the LCS, I didn’t want to feel left out. Congrats to the Royals and their fans The Royals are riding an 11-game postseason winning streak, having won the […]

Peter Gammons: A Hall of Fame Weekend in Cooperstown

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y.—Henry Aaron’s float was, naturally, near the front of the parade that tours Main Street this July Saturday every year. He was greeted by the crowd loudly chanting “Home Run King, Home Run King,” and when he carefully used his cane to go up the steps to the entrance to The Hall of Fame, […]

MLB Video Highlights: Vin Scully calls the no-hitter, Swisher’s walk-off grand slam

Nick Swisher hits a walk-off grand slam down two runs in the 10th… Vin Scully calls Klayton Kershaw’s no-hitter… Billy Hamilton goes airborn and crashes into the center field wall to make a clutch catch… Russell Martin takes the 3-1 pitch with the bases loaded for the walk-off walk… Yoenis Cespedes hits a solo shot […]

Tim Hudson Eliminates Walks, with Buster Posey’s Help

Even in a free agent market where teams splurged like Kenny Powers at a Jet Ski dealership, the San Francisco Giants got some funny looks when they signed Tim Hudson to a two-year, $23 million deal. Thirty-eight years old and coming off a macabre, season-ending ankle injury suffered while covering first base in July, Hudson […]

Peter Gammons: Without depth and durability, genius is fragile

As we wait to see if Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine are elected to the Hall of Fame Wednesday, as expected, one of the most underappreciated elements to their remarkable 300 win records and their greatness was their durability. In a 15 year period, interrupted only by The Strike that cancelled the 1994 post-season, the […]

The Cardinals and Red Sox pitchers are throwing hard cheese

While watching last night’s game I must admit I was missing “Eckspeak,” Eckersley’s unique descriptions. Last night, he would have mentioned that the Cardinal pitchers were using their “cheese” (a formidable fastball) to get critical whiffs. He might add that a pitch had “hair” on it after the batter flailed at a fastball. He would […]